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Florence, Kentucky... Y'All

By: Angela Ash


Florence, Kentucky is a great city.  Just minutes away from Cincinnati or Newport, or a short road trip from Louisville or Lexington, there are plenty of shopping and restaurants.  It even boasts Kentucky's largest mall, complete with a two story carousel and trackless train.


However, located in the heart of Florence, Kentucky is possibly the best hidden gem I have ever been lucky to stumble across. Really... this place is amazing!

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, even bordering on the extraordinary, then this is your place. Who needs a boring hotel room, when you could sleep in a cave, Central Park, a pirate ship, or a jungle?

wwtv wwkitchen wwtub

With several different themed suites to choose from, things get even a little bit more difficult when making a lodging decision. Wildwood Inn also offers the chance to sleep in an authentic African Village named Shi-Awela. Even amidst the comforts of home, little touches everywhere make you wonder if you were suddenly transported to another world.

wwvillage wwvillagepic

And hence the name, this property also boasts a large indoor pool and hot tub, along with a game room, seating areas, pool and ping pong, and children's climbing tunnels. You could literally spend all day here... that is, if you could talk yourself into leaving the cozy confines of your treehouse or racing themed suite. Don't worry. There are also pool-side rooms for your convenience.

wwpool wwhottub

I also loved how there are separate areas to suit both the adults, as well as the children. This is truly a destination all in itself. There is even a Tiki Bar!

wwgameroom wwgames

Our junior journalist, Kendyl Rae, says that this was the "best hotel ever". She was completely amazed by the Tennesse Cave suite. Seriously, this cave is so authentic that I caught her awake once looking for bats.

wwkjumpbed wwktub wwkbed

The Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome & Theme Suites is now at the top of my list for unique hotels. However, in all of its diversity, it possessed such a "comfortable air". The staff was absolutely wonderful, and the breakfast in the morning was also something nice to wake up to. This is a place where you can choose how your stay will be: fun and adventurous in the tropical dome and staying in an Arctic cave, or quiet and romantic, hardly leaving your Champagne Spa suite. Whichever your preference, book your stay already! Remember... the fantastic awaits!

I just wonder... can this place get any better? I think I will try the pirate room next. I know I have an eyepatch around here somewhere...

Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome & Theme Suites wwkslide

7809 US 42

Florence, Kentucky, 41042