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(hed) p.e. and Mushroomhead...

A Recipe For One Crazy Night


Rising out of the Highlands in Louisville, like a beacon in the night is Phoenix Hill Tavern.  Showcasing live music since... well, forever, this is THE place where locals and visitors alike come to see bands of all genres play.  This is the place where people bring their out-of-town guests for a great Friday night... where on any given occasion one can hear everything from acoustic in the tap room, to an eighties cover band in the roof garden.


But the revelry of this particular night was not hampered by the confusion of attempting to decide which type of music you were in the mood for.  There was no question.  This night was about one thing and one thing only.


And where better to experience it than the familiar comfort of Phoenix Hill Tavern?

And who can turn down a night with the kings of the pit:  (hed)p.e. and Mushroomhead?

Apparently, an entirely packed house could not.


The opening acts also deserve a much appreciated nod.  American Head Charge brought the crowd off their feet, while earlier in the night Tenafly Viper, fronted by Mushroomhead's own Waylon Reavis, gave a brief peak of what the crowd had in store for them.

But nothing can easily prepare for the excitement that is raised when the members of Mushroomhead take the stage.  The heavy beat of the drums begin, often spewing water and filled with varied colors of light.  The guitars and bass kick in.  And then, wait for it... emerges the undeniably vicious harmonies of Jeffrey Nothing and Waylon Reavis.


The stage instantaneously and violently erupted with, yes, all eight of them.  And so did the crowd.

Mushroomhead never disappoints, and this was no exception.  They sang a few newer songs, mixed in with the original sound of such favorites as "Solitaire Unraveling" and "Sun Doesn't Rise".

It is almost painful when they finally leave the stage, if one didn't know what came next.

With a very quick set change, (hed) p.e. overtook the stage, instantly commanding attention.  I just can't explain it.  Jared Gomes has a "presence", and it demands that you watch, listen, and "feel" everything that he is about to do, whether it be belting out a punked out rap, or handing out political views from the mic.  He is absolutely, truly gifted.


In saying so, I've seen them perform at least a dozen times, always with the mad antics of DJ Product to entertain.  Some shows were great.  Some were better.  This one was sheer brilliance.

Mixing up crazy hyped songs like"Waiting To Die", "Renegade", and "Suffa" with the introspective "Half A Man" and the hit "Bartender", was like a maniacal roller coaster ride of "Oh I'm going to jump until I can't feel my feet" to "Dude, these songs actually MEAN something".

And then, when you think that you have gone through every emotion that a rock concert could possibly produce, the crowd quietly heard the opening bars of "The Meadow".

Is it weird to get goosebumps at a metal show?

As always, anything promoted by Terry Harper is top notch.  The bands were awesome, the crowd was beyond excited, and the venue was exactly spot on.

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