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Derby Dinner Playhouse

By:  Angela Ash

If you have not yet had the opportunity to witness ANNIE for yourself, do not wait!  This is most likely the BEST adaptation I have seen of the beloved heroine... and it was right here, at the Derby Dinner Playhouse in southern Indiana.

The casting for this production was absolutely brilliant! Elizabeth Loos as the comedic Miss Hannigan and Jeff March as "Daddy" Warbucks were hilights of the show!  Of course, it is always difficult not to compare any version of Miss Hannigan to Carol Burnett, who truly immortalized the role in the Columbia Pictures 1979 film version.  However, Elizabeth Loos did a spectaculare job, specifically with her take on "Little Girls".  Jeff march was fantstic as Mr. Warbucks, and had the entire crowd rooting for him to become the father to the little, red-haired orphan.

However, the absolute show stealer was the orphans in their entirety.  Lauren Petrey performed beautifully as Annie.  Her voice was amazing, and it was evident that the crowd agreed, often breaking into excited applause after a musical number.  The supporting orphans were also wonderful, and really seemed to step into their solo parts with confidence.

Our junior journalist, Kendyl Rae, could barely stay in her chair.  She clapped, she laughed, and she was  near tears when she thought Annie wasn't going to move in for good with Daddy Warbucks.


Lauren Petry as "Annie", with Kendyl Rae

And would it be terrible if I raved about the food for an entire paragraph?  I just can't help myself.  This is truly a mouth-watering buffet.  There is simply something for everyone, from the picky eater to the health conscious.  Do not leave without trying the fried chicken.  I tell you, it is delicious!  You may even elect to top off your dinner with a delectable dessert, served at the beginning of the performance or at intermission.  The brownie sundae is to die for, and can definitely be shared with two or three.

So make your plans now to catch ANNIE before August 12th, and check out the upcoming shows at Derby Dinner Playhouse! And while ANNIE was a main stage production, make sure to check out their Children's Theatre.  Your kids will love you!