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Destination Diaries

The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

By Angela Ash

The first thing that I want to say is "WOW".  Guys, this is the real deal!  If you have ever been even a passing fan of  the "ghost hunting" shows on tv, you MUST take this tour!

First, you drive out into the desert to the nearly deserted town of Goodsprings, where your initial stop is at the infamous Pioneer Saloon.  This place was built in 1913, and has seen its fair share of torment.  It was seated within these walls that Clark Gable heard that his wife, Carole Lombard, had been killed in a tragic plane crash.  It is said that they both haunt the saloon to this day.


I took the above photograph when standing across the street from the saloon.  There are several obvious shadows, orbs, and streams of light.  SOMETHING is definitely in Goodsprings, Nevada.

Several different locations in Goodsprings were visited, but not before we were treated to a pizza party in the saloon.  We would surely need the energy!

We would continue on to an abandoned miner's cabin, buildings that were literally crumbling (often before our eyes), and an old cemetery.


What is great about this tour is the comradery.  Before you know it, you have a dozen new friends, and everyone is snapping photos, sharing them, and squealing with delight when something paranormal is noted. 

However, the best part about this tour is the equipment. Feel just like a real ghost hunter, sporting dowsing rodes, EMF detectors, and EVP audio recorders.  (For those of you not up on your Ghost Adventures lingo, that's electro magnetic field detectors and electronic voice phenoma recorders, to you.)


This is a tour that could be taken again and again, because it would never be the same experience twice!

Book your tour today, because space does fill up FAST.  Call 702-339-8744