Where will the road take YOU?

Destination Diaries



                                                                                                                                                                            Junior Journalist Kendyl Rae

By Angela Ash

KaLightoscope is absolutely the most unique family Christmas attraction in existence.  A familiar face to the Galt House, many families start off the holiday festivities with a visit, and it is easy to understand why.  It is creative.  It is stunning.  It is pure magic! 

The journey through this experience begins with beautiful Christmas luminaries, many of which the kids can climb into and even pose with, while the parents look on wondering just how that particular piece would look on their front lawn.


The Christmas Village is just begging for a visit.  With its miniature houses, shops, and even a church, the craftmanship is just immaculate.  The Village is also home to the beautiful Snow Fairy and the Snow Fox, who are both just waiting to pose for photographs and interact with young visitors.


Children may also sit just outside the Snow Fairy's Castle and pen their very own letters to Santa.  Our junior journalist, Kendyl Rae, was so excited by this.  Of course she had to see the Snow Fairy first, but then she was more than ready to list off her heart's desires... well, the first 19, at least. Also new this year, families may take their very own video in Santa's sled... flying high above the city below.


It seems that wherever one looks there is something exciting happening.  The music and lights just fill the entire space with energy. The animatronics are so much fun, and every new scene seems to be even better than the one before. 


However, Mr. Sugar Pine is a definite favorite... and welcomes the little ones into the Candy Cane Forest, where they can take a trip or two on the Pepermint Express Train. And another new addition this year is Ernie the Engineer, who operates the train and interacts with the little ones as they wait to board.


Do not forget to play "Find Santa's Key" game, where participants search through the Christmas Village for clues.  Once the clue card is filled with the correct letters spelling a secret phrase, you may enter the workshop and select a prize!

Of course, Santa Claus is also close by, and you may take photographs to your heart's content! This year, every child will also receive a video with Santa!

KaLightoscope is such a creative, inspiring event!  There is so much to see, as you are entertained and assisted by the most helpful elves south of the North Pole. 

Also, check out the overnight packages offered at the Galt House, as well as holiday shows, lunches with Ernie the Engineer, and teas with the Snow Fairy!

Be sure to add this to the top of your Holiday To-Do List! Visit online today!