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Bloody Mary's Tours

                                   Paranormal At Her Best...


                                                                         The infamous Bloody Mary explaining the burial process

By Angela Ash 

Bloody Mary's Tours offer, without a doubt, the best paranormal tours in the country. Unlike many other companies, a vast myriad of options are offered, either public or private, and... SURPRISE... not merely limited to the French Quarter. 

But, as with all proper New Orleans stories, that is where we will start.

Many tourists or visitors to the Crescent City never leave the Quarter, and it is often easy to see why.  A majority of the attractions and museums are located there, or close by on Canal Street.  And of course, the Vieux Carre has no shortage of ghost tales, ranging from the bittersweet romances to the most grotesque, disturbing visions that one could ever possibly conjure. 

But why use all of that imagination?  Simply book Bloody Mary's Tour of the Undead.


                                                           Gina, Tour of the Undead guide, performing a ritual

This was, refreshingly, like no other French Quarter walking tour I have experienced.  Blending ghost and vampire tales with unique New Orleans history, this tour reaches depths that not only gives examples and renderings of events and legends, but actually explains WHY public thought and action led to these occurrences in the first place.  You will dig deep into the religions that formulated their way of life, often built upon mysticism, magick, and hereditary tradition. 


                                                                                                            Lalaurie Mansion

And these tales are not spun from the safety of a hotel lobby, but typically whilst standing on the cobblestone directly in front of the property or venue which still houses the spirits directly connected to such tragedies that they are not able to rest.  Instead, they often choose to appear in photographs, or as a quick tug on the sleeve... or cold chills on a humid New Orleans night.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

The starting point of this tour is even unique, with all tour goers assembled not outside, but actually within the walls of the revered Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, once belonging to notorious pirates, and birthing hundreds of reported paranormal experiences.

But don't stop there. The Moonlight Graveyard Tour offers an exciting take on the unique places and methods with which New Orleans chooses to bury her dead. We were lucky enough to actually have Bloody Mary herself as our guide for this experience, which took us into two cemeteries and outside of several others.  The most interesting, by far, was Holt Cemetery... where mourners have created home-made tombstones and other sentimental effigies to their loved ones.


                                                                                             Holt Cemetery

It was absolutely surreal to wander about these cemeteries as the day gave way to complete darkness, often with only the moonlight to guide our way. This experience is a MUST.  It takes you away from the French Quarter and out into a completely different area, while still remaining easily and quickly accessible via streetcar. 


While the sites visited on this tour were fantastic, to say the least, the highlight was Mary herself. Mary has been featured on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, A&E, and the History Channel... just to name a few. However, while possessing such extensive knowledge, she never once fills a story with too many mediocre facts.  She skillfully mixes information with the macabre as if it is her second nature. 

Whatever you wish to experience in New Orleans, chances are that Bloody Mary's Tours has something right up your alley.  There is the Haunted Pub Crawl, that visits bars, restaurants, and even a former brothel.  The Back 'O Town Tour is a van tour that visits several cemeteries and other exciting locales, and culminates in the creation of actual Voodoo dolls.  They don't call Bloody Mary the New Orleans Voodoo Queen for just anything! The New Orleans After Dark Tour is a complete paranormal outing, that visits, cemeteries, haunted houses, and sacred sites spanned across four neighborhoods, with psychic exercises to top off the experience.  Also if you crave a bit more time in the graveyard, do not leave out the Cities of the Dead Tour, where three rarely explored cemeteries await exploration with a truly gifted, knowledgeable guide!  And of course, an array of private tours are just waiting for your reservation!

To make scheduling your favorite Bloody Mary tour even easier, print the Pocket Tour Schedule to make the most of your time in one of the most haunted cities in the world!

When in New Orleans, do not consider leaving without taking part in one of Bloody Mary's signature adventures. These tours represent the scale upon which all things paranormal should be measured.