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Sesame Street Live


Sesame Street Live roars into Louisville again, with yet another fantastic production at the Brown Theatre! 

"Elmo's Super Heroes" is a fun, energetic experience that puts families right in the middle of the action on Sesame Street.  This interactive sensation finds Big Bird, Elmo, Abby, and all of their furry friends on an adventure to help Grover find his lost "super-ness". 

Children are entertained through countless musical numbers that have them on their feet and spilling out into the aisleways.  In a way that Sesame Street has mastered, they are reminded how exercise, rest, hygeine, and good foods are the key to everyone being their very own super hero!


Kendyl Rae - Junior Journalist

And never fear, as always, Sesame Street has brought along all of the "take home" versions of your favorite characters, to make this a moment to remember. 

For future shows and dates, visit online to plan your next visit to the Street!