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Avenue Q

By Angela Ash


Avenue Q is, in a word, "ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS". 

Oh wait... that is actually two words.  However, in the spirit of all guilty pleasures, it just seems to "fit"... just like the irresistible comedy that has drawn people from all walks of life to witness the creative genius of Avenue Q. 

Someone has stumbled upon something quite special when, in the same audience, senior citizens, college students, and everyone in between.. can be witnessed exploding into laughter that may easily be labeled as infectious.

Drawing from an easily relatable tale of hard times after graduation, this comedic musical brings forth a myriad of emotions, mostly ending in excited gasps of "I can't believe that just happened". 

This is theater at its finest, directed by John R. Leffert, and delivered by an endearing, professional cast comprised of such characters as a childhood actor, tenants of a questionable New York apartment building, and oh yes... puppets.

Brian Morris is undeniably brilliant as both Nicky and Trekkie Monster, while Tymika Prince draws countless explosions of appreciation as Gary Coleman.  (Yes, THAT Gary Coleman.) Jordan Prince captivates the audience with the roles of Princeton and Rod, while Katie Nuss as Kate Monster assuredly brings a tear or two... quickly replaced with laughter by her second character, Lucy. 

While several similarities are drawn from Sesame Street, please remember that this is Avenue Q, and the humor comes from another place altogether!

Running through April 28 at Center Stage, visit online for more information on ticket times and prices, or call (502) 459-0660 for additional information. 

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