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Billy Idol:  The Review


By Angela Ash

Billy Idol stormed into the Showroom at Horseshoe Southern Indiana this evening, amidst a cheering crowd... all on their feet, waiting impatiently to hear that very first scream.  And they didn't have to wait long, because Idol has honestly not changed a bit. 

I also mean that in every sense.  From my seat, I was compelled to google the exact age of this charismatic showman.  At 57 years, Billy Idol had no problem performing shirtless on stage in front of his adoring fans. This could be because he is in FANTASTIC physical shape. 

And so were his vocals. Roaring from one classic favorite to the next, Billy Idol hit the same notes that gave us all goosebumps in the 80s. Crowd pleasers included "Dancing With Myself", "Eyes Without A Face", "Cradle of Love", "Rebel Yell", "White Wedding", and "Mony Mony". The vibration in the room was nothing short of electric... quite like Billy Idol himself.

To speak of "electric" and not give a nod to Steve Stevens would be remiss.  With hair raising solos and the same exciting presence as always, Stevens makes us reminiscent of everything that was beautiful about glam rock at its pinnacle, while fine tuning with the influences of today.

The entire evening produced memories, appreciation, and the clear sound that only the acoustics in the Showroom can produce.

Check out Horseshoe Southern Indiana online to see the list of artists scheduled to appear this summer!