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Heart:  The Review


By Angela Ash

Heart walked onto the stage of the Showroom at Horseshoe Southern Indiana this evening, and the thunderous applause was nearly deafening.  Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just this year, Ann and Nancy Wilson were definitely about to prove why.

I have never heard a female vocal range that is put forth so effortlessly. Ann Wilson paces the stage with a ferocity that can not be measured, pausing to make a chilling eye contact with the crowd that goes far beyond the front row.  A wonderful singer in her own right, Nancy Wilson masters both the acoustic and electric guitar, never forgetting to throw in her patented kicks and jumps. However, I truly feel that what sets these talented sisters apart is that they are believable.  Every word of every song is packed with emotion and a feeling that can not be replicated for mere stage antics.

Moving seamlessly from a classic favorite to the next hit, Heart entertained with crowd pleasers that included "What About Love", "Barracuda", "Magic Man", "Dog and Butterfly", "These Dreams", and "Alone".

The entire event was nothing short of magical.

Check out Horseshoe Southern Indiana online to see the list of additional artists scheduled to appear!