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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


By Angela Ash

I am a lover of everything and anything musically related. From metal to showtunes, I am borderline obsessed with it all.  So, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have never been to the glorious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. As with many other things in Cleveland, this will be a first. 

I honestly did not know what to originally expect, and it honestly would not have done any good, because there is no preparation for something of this magnitude.  You just have to buckle in and get ready for the ride.

The museum fills an entire seven floors, and it includes four theaters and countless multi-sensory experiences.  One of the nicest things about the layout is that it is possible to chronologically follow the tale that rock and roll weaves with each note... sampling cds from artists that were rock and roll before it even had a name, to reveling in the majesty of the Rolling Stones, one of this year's inductees.

The artifacts in this museum are staggering... ranging from Rage Against the Machine's original touring van, Johnny Cash's bus, and clothing, handwritten lyrics, and enough photographs to fill thousands of scrapbooks. 

One could easily spend an entire day here, reliving history as it affects us the most passionately... with song.