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Dearly Departed Tours

By Angela Ash


While all glitz and glamor on the outside, Hollywood definitely has her secrets, mostly full of intrigue, murder, and death. In a place where so many came with a suitcase full of dreams, their hopes often ended in heartbreak and despair, sometimes retold in newspaper headlines and notorious news stories. 

Interested in seeing where Sharon Tate and her friends had their last meal?  Do you want to see where Michael Jackson and Bela Lugosi drew their final breaths?  Then Dearly Departed's Hollywood Tragical History Tour is something that can not be missed!

This tour has been featured on countless television specials, and Scott Michaels is definitely the premier expert on Hollywood's grim history. 

While you will hear so many unnerving tales that you will surely leave your hotel room light on, you will also see homes of the stars... where they lived, entertained, and often died. This tour is a perfect way to really be introduced to the history of Hollywood, especially if you want to delve a little bit into the dark side.  Well... a whole lot actually.  That's what this tour is about, right? 

You will see around 100 sites in two and a half hours, in the luxury of an air-conditioned vehicle, accompanied with the knowledge of an expert tour guide. Make sure you also take a look at the office, as well, to see artifacts from some of the most gruesome acts committed, or memorabilia from well-known celebrities who have departed.  It's like a tour and a museum... all for one price!

Visit them online for additional information, or call 1-800-979-3370.