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A Christmas Carol



 Actors Theatre of Louisville

By Angela Ash

Witnessing the splendor of A Christmas Carol is the quintessential way to start off the holidays in a grand style!  Seated in a darkened space, surrounded by fellow Louisvillians, literally hanging on every fascinating word and each dramatic gesture, the mood is that of absolute exhilaration.

And again, as has been the case for over four decades, Actors Theatre will be showcasing Charles Dickens' beloved tale through December 23rd.  If you engage in any holiday tradition this year, make this it!

A Christmas Carol is a thought-provoking adventure that explores the very soul of Christmas and its biggest villain who, with a little assistance from his cohorts in the spirit world, realizes the error of his ways before leaving the world with only the memory of his miserly ways.  This is a performance dynamically built upon human emotions, meaning that the casting must be nearly perfect to even attempt to convey the messages sewn into this intricately woven plot. 

Directed by Drew Fracher, this is undeniably where the Actors Theatre truly excels.

Ebenezer Scrooge, played by John G. Preston, is beyond the mere utterance of the word "brilliant".  The crowd seems to embrace every aspect of his role, as he superfluously moves from villain to hero, with the grace of a true veteran of the stage.

The performance is compelling and exciting, with the Ghost of Christmas Past showcasing a fine visual spectatcle of aerial acrobatics, the Ghost of Christmas Present providing many comedic moments, and the Ghost of Christmas Past menacingly filling the stage.

I must also mention that the narration by Brian D. Coats is fascinating. The audience seems to hang on each and every word, as he sets each scene with a flourish of beautifully manicured words, making you remember exactly why we continue to cherish the works of writers like Dickens.

Be prepared to welcome the holiday season at Actors Theatre, and begin a wonderful Christmas tradition with your family that will lead to season after season of wonderful memories!

Visit online or call (502) 584-1265 today!