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Reflections:  The Darkening Web


WhoDunnit Murder Mystery Theater produces a night of murder and intrigue, great fun with audience participation, and delicious food... right in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you have never attended a performance, then this is the time to start! 

Reflections:  The Darkening Web is a murder mystery that leaves the typical at the door.  With characters so believable that you nearly forget that you are watching a performance, the audiance is guided through a supreme court case... that actually morphs into two cases... both with the same killer. 

In between delectable salads, entrees, and desserts, the performers actually mingle with the crowd, giving everyone the chance to question those they suspect of actually carrying out a crime, while onstage a seemingly innocent woman confesses to a murder that she did not commit. This is interactive theater at its very best, that will keep you guessing up until the very end... and maybe then still piecing it all together on the walk to the car. 

Although I have already mentioned the food, I shall do so again. Catered by Masterson's, I opted for the Pot Roast, and it was absolutely divine.  The cobbler for dessert was crisp and warm... perfect for a cold night. 

This is not only a creative good time, but it is also affordable.  People often make jokes about "dinner and a show", but this IS dinner and a show at its finest.

Arthur Patrick Brophy
Erica Goldsmith
Marquita Howerton
Brian Kennedy
Stacie Martin
Jane Mattingly
Tom Staudenheimer


Written by A.S. Waterman

Directed by Joe Monroe

Assistant Director: Jane Mattingly

Executive Producer:  Niles Welch


Showing on Saturdays through March 29th at the Ramada Plaza at 9700 Bluegrass Parkway in Louisville, these shows will be quick to sell out!  Reserve your tickets today by calling (502) 426-7100.