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The Pirates of Penzance

Photo By: Bill Brymer
Actors Theatre of Louisville
Cast of The Pirates of Penzance

Showing until February 4 at the Actors Theatre in Louisville,  this romp through the high seas is a performance that anyone who breathes will enjoy! By Gilbert and Sullivan, and reimagined by The Hypocrites, The Pirates Of Penzance must be enjoyed!

I have never seen anything quite like this production.  Upon entering the theatre, a beach party seems to be underway, complete with blow-up balls flying through the air, sunglasses being sported, and a musical sing-a-long going at full swing.  The atmosphere is electric... a preview of what is to come. 

The Pirates Of Penzance is the journey of a pirate's apprentice coming into his manhood.  The rest is beyond explanation.  It must be seen, heard, and experienced... because that is what this show is... an EXPERIENCE.  The performers are in your face, playing instruments and singing, often scooting an audience member over to take their seat, mostly moving about the front row, placing them anywhere from sitting on the stage to relaxing in a kiddie pool.  Prepare to be AMAZED. 

And the cast is absolutely brilliant, with wonderful voices, spectacular abilities with multiple instruments, and interaction with the audience that I never thought could even be possible. 

Comprised of Ryan Bourque, Emily Casey, Matt Kahler, Robert McLean, Dana Omar, Doug Pawlik, Shawn Pfautsch, Becky Poole, Christine Stulik, and Zeke Sulkes, they all perform in multiple roles, and all with spectacular energy and excitement.

Kahler, as Major General Stanley, is absolutely hilarious, completely mesmerizing the audience.  McLean as the Pirate King is equally as amusing, creating an infectious laughter that seems to rumble throughout the theatre.

This musical comedy is a must see, so purchase your tickets in advance online, or in person at the box office.