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Don't Dress For Dinner

 ddp dress

By Angela Ash


"Don't Dress For Dinner" will be playing at the Derby Dinner Playhouse now through February 16th. Make sure to reserve your tickets early, because a show this funny should definitely be a sell out! 

This is a comedy centered upon an intimately catered dinner that ends up completely upside down, and it includes the same characters from "Boeing, Boeing". So be prepared to laugh as this adventurous production roars into the Derby Dinner Playhouse! 

The characters are absolutely brilliant, and the one-liners have the crowd in a constant fit of laughter.  Tina Jo Wallace, Cary Wiger, John Vessels, Jillian Prefach, Sara King, and Nick Fitzer make up the cast of this disastrous comedy, that illustrates perfectly that when you think nothing else can go wrong, something does. Sara King is simply hilarious... while Tina Jo Wallace delivers some of the best lines of the evening.  In all, this is one of the funniest, most enjoyable shows that has hit the Derby Dinner Playhouse in a long time!

The set is expertly crafted, depicting a farm-turned-house, with plenty of room for the cast to dance, stumble, and fall over themselves with squeals of shock, anger, surprise, and a giggle or two.

And make sure that you arrive early for the Footnotes, Derby Dinner Playhouse's very own musical delight, often singing sneak peaks from upcoming shows, or additional selections connected to the night's main attraction. They are refreshing, delightful, and a great kick off!

The Derby Dinner Playhouse is located in Clarksville, Indiana... right over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. It is a theater in the round, and has been in operation since 1974, making it one of the oldest and largest continuously operating theatres in the country!

You will receive a top notch production for your ticket price, along with a mouth-watering meal, served buffet style, boasting favorites like fresh vegetables, mouth-watering pasta selections, and a meat carving station. Some of the best desserts around are also offered, like the peanut butter pie or the brownie sundae!

Visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse for more information, or call 812-288-8281 to order your tickets today!