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French Quarter Phantoms


By Angela Ash


Now, New Orleans is known for a LOT of things, and that's without even touching Mardi Gras and King Cake!  So it would be terribly remiss not to encourage everyone who steps foot into the French Quarter to take a ghost tour.  Any city with the history of New Orleans is bound to have their share of spirits, and there are very few things that can chill to the bone like hearing a tale of paranormal proportions while standing in front of the exact location where it all occurred.  (A full moon gracing the night sky also never hurts.)

Putting all of this into the mix, there are dozens of companies that offer ghost and vampire tours, often making it  extremely difficult to actually narrow the field down when you may not know all of the facts. 

But the French Quarter Phantoms have made it easy. Voted the number one haunted tour in New Orleans, they have plenty of accolades to back that up!  And while many companies only offer ghost tours, the French Quarter Phantoms boast a myriad of other tour options.  Yes, you needn't ask twice.  I will tell you all about them! 

The Ghost & Vampire Tour is a walking tour that meanders through the dim lit streets of the Quarter, stopping at the buildings that have seen the most tragedy, the most terror, and more times that not, the most ghosts.  For nearly two hours, guests will hear spine tingling tales that are actually historically accurate, as you move from murder, to disease, and often to the completely unexplainable. 

You can also take a walk through St. Louis Cemetery #1, the oldest working cemetery in New Orleans, in the daytime walking Cemetery Tour.  (I would also bet that it is the most haunted!)  You will see the final resting place of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen, and learn all about the special way that New Orleans buries her dead.

The True Crime Tour is something unique that is offered, and it specializes on the murders, piracy, and other atrocities that have occurred in New Orleans throughout her storied past.  You will hear about the Mafia, the infamous Axeman, and things that will literally make your jaw drop.  As with anything else, New Orleans never does anything half way... crime included. 

Now, plenty of people have visited New Orleans and have never stepped foot in Treme', which is a terrible travesty.  If you would like to see why HBO created an entire series dedicated to the place where music fills the air and creeps into the souls of its inhabitants, then Tour Treme' is for you!  You will experience the birthplace of Jazz, see the Tomb of the Unknown Slave, and hear the history of the Mardi Gras Indians.  You will also learn of the culture that makes this one of the most interesting neighborhoods in the entire country. 

And the French Quarter Phantoms do not stop here. They also offer custom and private tours.  (I think they tend to be over-achievers!) 

But it isn't the unique, creative tours alone that really seem to set this tour group apart.  Their educated, charismatic guides will "hook" you with the first tour.  Anyone can memorize an encyclopedia full of facts, but without the art of story-telling, you may as well be in a lecture hall.  These guides are friendly, funny, and can spin a tale that will make you keep your hotel light on! 

For more information, please visit online, or call (504)666-8300.