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The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas


By Angela Ash

This "happy-go-lucky" view of small town law and "political side-stepping" recounts the highs and the lows of the Chicken Ranch.... but that doesn't even scratch the surface.  If you are ready for a musical that is outrageously fun, then ensure that you visit Center Stage, to witness for yourself the extravaganza that is The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.

Glenna Godsey plays a wonderful Mona, the "madame" of the Chicken Ranch, while Rusty Henle is an absolutely hilarious Sherriff.  These two seem to steal most of the spotlight, although the supportsing cast runs through the song and dance numbers with an energy and excitement that the stage often misses.  Jason Cooper, as Melvin P. Thorpe, brings plenty of laughs as he spreads the word that "there's a whorehouse in Texas" with charsimatic zeal. Tamika MacDonald is absolutely superior with her rendition of “Twenty-Four Hours of Lovin", and seems to receive the loudest applause of the evening.

To sum things up, this is a production that should not be missed!

Reserve your tickets now by calling (502) 459-6885, or visit Center Stage for more details.