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King Arthur's Camelot

camelotcastJanessa Touchet

By Angela Ash

I will admit that I may have a bit of an obsession when it comes to things of the Arthurian persuasion.  I have read all of the books.  I have watched the movies... more times than I dare to take note.  I have even traveled across the Great Pond to visit sites in Cornwall and Glastonbury that pertain to these magical legends.  Yes, I think this all qualifies as an obsession. 

So it is with great anticipation that I climb the steps at the beautiful Aronoff Center in downtown Cincinnati.  At this moment, I have no idea that I am about to be transported so deeply into the realms of Camelot that I will regret not wearing flowers in my hair. 

This is a very special night, as that it happens to take place during the grand celebration of the Cincinnati Ballet's 50th year.  As if this accolade is not enough, this is not just the opening of King Arthur's Camelot, but it is the World Premiere. 

I typically find the right words very quickly, but I actually find myself struggling to provide the description that this production deserves.  However, a string of single words spring forth immediately.  Brilliant. Breathtaking.  Dramatic. Unforgettable. 

The designs are nothig short of inspirational. The sets by Joe Tilford, the lighting by Trad A. Burns, the costumes by Sandra Woodall, and the projections by John Boesche produce a stunning, realistic backdrop to this remarkable tale.  The ease of immersion into this fantasy world is unbelievable. 

The stand-out roles of King Arthur (Cervillo Miguel Amador), Guinivere (Janessa Touchet), Lancelot (Patric Palkens), Mordred (Rodrigo Almarales), Merlin (Liang Fu), Young King Arthur (Charlie Klesa), Gawain (Zack Grubbs), and Percival (James Gilmer) are beautifully cast, and the choreography by Victoria Morgan electrifies the entire stage with its passionate prose. 

The scene of Guinevere and Lancelot's betrayal, culminating in burning at the stake, is heart-wrenching.  The emotion is so high that one can actually feel it pulsating throughout the entire theater. 

RUN to the box office to purchase tickets, or you may also do so online for your added convenience.  Please also visit the Cincinnati Ballet to view other upcoming productions.