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Times Scare


By Angela Ash

Sometimes we need a little fright in our life, and not just during the Halloween season.   I've often awoken after a nightmare that should be turned into a movie and thought that if only there were a haunted attraction open in July... 

Well, that dream is reality, and it's right in New York City! 

Times Scare is a haunted attraction that knows that we don't always have to be plunged deep into October to want a good scare.  Rooms filled with everything that probably lurks behind the closet door are sure to raise your pulse with spectacular special effects, frightfully impressive live actors, and a feeling of dread as you move from one terrifying space to the next. 

And to work up some liquid courage, the Kill Bar offers some of the most decadent cocktails around, boasting names like Death in the Afternoon, Dracula's Kiss, and Bewitched. 

Times Scare also offers plenty of other events and activities, all with a macabre twist.  Stop in for "Scaryoke" or "Dead Sexy Burlesque".

For additional information, please visit them ONLINE, or call (212) 586-7829.