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Blood Manor


By Angela Ash

Halloween is an absolutely fantastic time in New York City.  The leaves have fallen from the trees... making the most curious crunching noise beneath your feet, as the slightly chilled wind blows about a "feeling" in the air that can not quite be described.  There is excitement all around, but remember... that energetic, anxious atmosphere can quickly turn into absolute dread.  And that is before you even walk into the doors of Blood Manor. 

The building itself is imposing, and the ill begotten souls that stalk throughout the crowd often create blood-curdling screams that can be heard down the entire block. 

You should be prepared, or for search of a better word, be WARNED that this is not your community club's backyard haunted attraction.  If ever there were a "real thing" when it comes to such an adventure, this will undeniably be "it".  Welcome to absolute horror.

This haunt contains every ingredient to make this a recipe for countless nights of lost sleep.  The actors are sometimes relentless, forcing out a scream even thought you promised yourself that you wouldn't.  Scenarios that appear on the silver screen, while you yell loudly "Don't go in there!", play out before your very eyes, as you are the center attraction in your own nightmare. 

Expect imaginative, creative special effects, and sets that will truly present the stage for terror.

For additional information, please visit them ONLINE to emabark on a journey that you will not soon forget.