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Annie Purcell, David Ross, Kasey Mahaffy and LeRoy McClain

Photo by Bill Brymer


By Dorothy Fortenberry
Directed by Lila Neugebauer

Part of Actors Theatre of Louisvilleā€™s 38th Humana Festival of New American Plays

Through April 6, 2014

Partners is a look at being in a committed relationship, starting a business, and most of all... growing up. 

Claire wants to start a food truck with her best friend, Ezra.  Ezra wants a monogamous marriage with his boyfriend, Brady.  Brady wants a relationship, but with "special terms". Paul, Claire's husband, wants some honesty.  In the end, as adults, what we "want" doesn't always work out, but it may open the door to new possibilities, new opportunities, and a bright, new way of seeing the world that we live in. 

The roles in Partners are played with absolute brilliance.  Each cast member completely embodies the passion of the character, creating a performance that is absolutely honest and completely believable to the audience.   Adding humor and some of the wittiest lines I have heard this season, Kasey Mahaffy was an absolute standout in his role of Ezra. 

Partners is written with an explosion of emotion that culminates in true inspiration, and it adapts beautifully onto the stage. 

See it for yourself, and visit Actors Theatre of Louisville online for additional information.