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The Grown-Up



March 7 through April 6, 2014


By Jordan Harrison

Directed by Ken Rus Schmol



Part of Actors Theatre of Louisvilleā€™s 38th Humana Festival of New American Plays


How can you keep from missing your whole life?

Kai is a ten-year-old boy, who finds a magical world at the other side of his grandfather's tales.  Whether living in an illusion where he plays a variety of characters originating in his head, or in a world where he seems to grow up entirely too fast, Kai ultimately learns that some things are the same, regardless of the setting, the time, or the universe. 

The Cast includes Matthew Stadelmann, Brooke Bloom, Paul Niebanck, Tiffany Villarin, Chris Murray, and David Ryan Smith... moving from one role to the next in a sequence that is both entertaining and refreshingly original.  

The Grown-Up is a production that you can muse over for hours, culminating in feelings connected to self discovery and inner reflection, and ending in the realization of the absolute brilliance of such a production that provokes such emotion.