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Ron Pope


By Angela Ash

A few descriptions come to mind when I think of Ron Pope:  brilliant beyond belief, artistic, creative, and overwhelmingly unforgettable.

Fortunately, these characteristics shine forth like beacons of light during his live performances, completely turning the concept of an ordinary concert onto its head.  It is often said that a particular person may be "larger than life", but Ron Pope is larger than any one note, any one lyric, and definitely any one song.  His catalog ranges from introspective musings to guitar squealing renditions that seem to be derived from pure poetry.  In short, this guy is a musical genius. 

On this particular evening in Newport, Kentucky, Pope charges onto the stage with an enthusiastic opening of "Lick My Wounds", from his recently released album, Calling Off The Dogs.  Met with much applause, other new tracks mixed into the set include the fantastically haunting "Back To Bed", "Silver Spoon", "Push Me Away"and "Empty Page".  The new material is greeted with appreciation, with many in the crowd already singing the lyrics. 

The evening supplies a well-mixed concoction of up-beat hits and mesmerizing moments at the keyboard, with an electric performance of "Tears Of Blood", moving onto the pure magic of "Fireflies".  While it would be difficult to even attempt to choose the best song of the evening, Pope seems to breathe more emotion than one would ever think possible into "Atlanta", with the crowd literally feeding from the frenzy and erupting into applause.  Of course, "A Drop In The Ocean" ends the show, with the entire crowd singing every word.  It is truly a beautiful moment. 

Everyone breathing should make it a point to see Ron Pope live at some point in their lives.  There are very few artists that can command the entire room with a glance, pouring passion into every lyric, until you are not just "watching" a performance, but you are "feeling" it.  His shows can be described as easily the most intimate experience left in the music industry today.   

Andrea Nardello and von Grey opened the show with wonderful performances.  Nardello played a fantastic mix of gorgeous tracks from her new EP, Echo, completely enthralling the crowd with her resonating voice and deep lyrics.  von Grey, comprised of four classically trained sisters from Atlanta, overtook the stage with their unique brand of "folksy" alternative music.  All yet to reach their 21st birthdays, they seem to be able to play any instrument that is put into their hands, with the most creative arrangements incorporating the cello, violin, lap steel guitar, various forms of percussion, guitars, and keyboards that I have ever seen! 

And if the night could be defined by any other medium than music, it would definitely be by the venue.  The Southgate Revival House is actually a church, converted into this magnificent concert house with remarkable acoustics.  Complete with arching stained glass windows and a pipe organ, this is an eclectic, inviting space... a perfect fit for the artists that perform inside. 

Ron Pope still has many stops left on his tour, so make sure that you do not miss this opportunity to see a musician that will surely be a legend.

You may visit Ron Pope online for additional information and more upcoming tour dates!