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Ca$h On Delivery


Showing at the Derby Dinner Playhouse through June 29th, Ca$h On Delivery is a comedy about a con artist who has tricked the welfare office into sending hundreds of checks for imaginary people that he claims are his tenants.  When he finally realizes that he has taken his luck about as far as he can, "canceling" these checks may seem to be a bit harder than he had anticipated. 

When I say that this is one of the funniest things I have seen on stage in a LONG time, it is actually an understatement.  I laughed until my sides hurt, and then I laughed some more.  The crazy antics were reminiscent of an I Love Lucy skit, with the characters digging themselves deeper and deeper into the absolute chaos that is unfolding all around them. 

And the cast is magnificent!  Cary Wiger and J.R. Stuart are ridiculously funny, running about covering up one lie with another, while Tina Jo Wallace seems constantly on the verge of a breakdown.  As always, two of my favorite Derby veterans, Elizabeth Loos and David Myers, are just brilliant.  Although their parts are not large, their moments on stage are absolutely unforgettable.  However, John Vessels sends the crowd into uncontrollable stitches of laughter.  His timing is immaculate, as he delivers one punch line after the next with infectious humor.  The cast is rounded out with Paul Kerr, Marina Hart, and Janet Essenpreis, also adding to the delightful havoc of Ca$h On Delivery.

Ca$h On Delivery is written by Michael Cooney, and directed and produced by Bekki Jo Schneider.

The Derby Dinner Playhouse is located in Clarksville, Indiana... right over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. It is a theater in the round, and has been in operation since 1974, making it one of the oldest and largest continuously operating theatres in the country!

You will receive a wonderful production for your ticket price, plus a delicious meal, served buffet style, boasting favorites like fried chicken, mouth-watering pasta selections, and a meat carving station. Some of the best desserts around are also offered, like the peanut butter pie or the gigantic brownie sundae!

Be there early for the Footnotes, Derby Dinner Playhouse's very own musical spectacular, singing sneak peaks from upcoming shows, or additional selections connected to the night's main attraction. They are refreshing, delightful, and a great kick off to the evening's festivities!  Their rendition of "For Good" from Wicked is absolutely amazing during this performance! Don't miss it!

Visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse for more information, or call 812-288-8281 to order your tickets today!