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Atlantic City

Summer On The Sand


By Angela Ash

Atlantic City is a magical place any time of the year.  There is just something almost ethereal about looking out onto a snow covered beach, or watching a brisk autumn breeze blow leaves across the front lawn of the Absecon Lighthouse.  However, when the sun is bright and the sand is warm... THAT is the AC that can turn an ordinary day into a trip down memory lane, filled effortlessly with cotton candy, ferris wheels, and long walks along the Boardwalk.  Summer in Atlantic City is like Springtime in Paris... synonymous and packed full of adventure. 

The beaches that kiss the Atlantic Ocean are long, clean, and absolutely free!  While many of the beach cities along the coast require purchase of a beach tag to use their beaches, Atlantic City offers her gorgeous sand free of charge.  The legendary Boardwalk lines the ocean... your pathway to food, thrill rides, and slot machines! As with all of Atlantic City, there is a beach area just right for you!  You can find a quiet place to throw down a blanket for the day, or you may wish to set up shop right outside of the Trump Taj Mahal, or one of Atlantic City's other exhilarating casinos! 

Now, if you are planning the ultimate summer getaway to Atlantic City, it is imperative to stay right off the Boardwalk,  and location is absolutely KEY.  The Trump Taj Mahal is the PERFECT place for your Atlantic City home base!


The Taj, a palace seemingly sprouting right from the sand, offers a world class casino, more restaurants than you can possibly have the delight to sample, and the absolute best location in the city.  Situated right on the Boardwalk, it is right across from the Steel Pier, and steps away from shops, museums, and even more restaurants.  You can be playing a hand in the poker room of Rounders infamy one moment, and five minutes later you can be stretched out on the beach... only in Atlantic City.

The hotel at the Trump Taj Mahal is just breathtaking.  The rooms are gorgeously appointed, with sweeping views that never allow you to forget where you are for a moment.  With every comfort right at your fingertips, it is almost difficult to even leave your room!


But so much more awaits!

For a summer engagement through August 31st, you may even catch the charismatic Rob Lake, whose magic will be certain to keep you on the edge of your seat!  His spectacular illusions have been seen by millions on television and in settings like Times Square.

And while you are at the Trump Taj Mahal, visiting the casino is a must!  With over 2,500 slots and 177 table games, the action is always available.  You may also sign up for the Trump One Card, and earn meals, hotels stays, and much more... just for playing.

While a hotel guest, the Fitness Center offers state-of-the-art equipment to help you work off that buffet, and the heated indoor swimming pool area is decorated with creative murals that actually make you feel as if you were taking a dip in the middle of a dessert... complete with a caravan of camels.  The Spa at the Taj offers a variety of specialty treatments, and the full service Salon will have you ready for your reservation at one of many luxurious restaurants.

For more information, visit the Trump Taj Mahal online, or call (609) 449-1000. 

And speaking of that dinner to remember, you MUST have it at Robert's Steakhouse!


Conveniently located right inside of the Trump Taj Mahal, you don't have to go far to experience one of the best meals of your life!  Robert's Steakhouse of New York is now open in Atlantic City, and they may change the way you think about steak forever. 

Robert's is just in a wonderful space.  It is elegant and sophisticated, yet incredibly comfortable and alluring.  The lighting is soft... definitely an encouragement for that romantic evening out. 

And then there is the food... 

It is often a slight exaggeration when someone makes a reference to the "perfect" steak.  There are so many factors to consider, and one or two may be overlooked to just "round up" to the overall description.  However, Robert's Steakhouse does actually manage to serve steak to an almost unbelievable perfection.  The USDA prime meat is hand cut and dry aged in house, which creates a distinctive, delicious taste.  Many choices are offered, such as the Filet Mignon, the Porterhouse For Two, the Rib Eye, and the Gold Label Kobe New York Strip. 

And if you are looking for lighter fare for a late summer dinner, it would be remiss not to mention that Robert's has the best burger on the planet!  You may think... go to a steakhouse for a burger?  Well, this isn't just your ordinary fare.  With a special blend of Prime beef, served with delicious "everything fries", this burger should rate at the top of your list for "Things To Eat In AC". 

The Wild Mushroom Risotto is also quite DIVINE!  What exactly is this dish's secret?  Let's just hint at the truffle oil... 

The menu at Robert's Steakhouse offers many other choices, including Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Cocktail, Grilled Lamb Chops, Herb and Caper Crusted Salmon, and large portioned sides like Creamed Spinach, Potato Gratin, and Beer Battered Onion Rings. 

While it may be difficult, make an attempt to save room for the Vanilla Creme Brulee or the Apple Crumb Cobbler. 

Making your selections at Robert's is simple, as that the most helpful servers imaginable are there to share their knowledge, as well as intuitively offer suggestions that please your particular palate.  It's like magic!

For more information, please visit Robert's Steakhouse online, or call (609) 426-6505 to make a reservation.


Just outside of the Trump Taj Mahal and stretching out over the Atlantic Ocean, the World Famous Steel Pier has been thrilling Atlantic City residents and visitors alike since 1898.  It is legendary for the Diving Bell and the infamous Diving Horse, and numerous other entertainers and rides that offered an escape from the everyday routine. 

While its attractions have progressed to the likes of the SlingShot, the Crazy Mouse, and the Mix, the fact that it continues to draw in crowds along the Boardwalk has not changed.  They come to take a chance at a game for a giant stuffed bear, or to eat a plethora of tasty creations that come served on a stick. 

They come to experience the classic, unique feel that is Atlantic City's Steel Pier.

For other information, please visit the Steel Pier Amusement Park online, or call (609) 345-4893.

While you meander further down the Boardwalk, you will come across one-of-a-kind gift shops, tasty food carts, and beautiful stretches of beach.  However, if the thrill seeker in you isn't quite satisfied, you may just be in luck.


If you are ready to feel some speed, then make sure to visit the Central Pier Arcade and Speedway

It features an indoor arcade, packed full of your favorite games.  But outside is where the excitement really begins.  Open all year around, the Nascar style go karts race over and under, with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.  You may also try your skill at the paintball challenge, which offers fun for the entire family!

 For more information, visit the Central Pier online, or call (609) 345-5219.



When you think that you have seen it all on the Boardwalk, then you are just daring Ripley's to prove you wrong! This "Odditorium" houses items and artifacts that you literally have to see to believe... or not. 

You can view a completely hand carved miniature chateau, a shrunken head, the life mask of Lincoln, and bizarre art and images that will leave you completely amazed. 

Many exhibits are interactive, so you never know when you will unkowingly become part of the entertainment at Ripley's!

For more information, visit them online, or call (609) 347-2001.


If you find yourself walking down the Boardwalk in Atlantic City... wondering what life was like in the 20s... right in the full swing of Prohibition, then you are not alone.  That time period holds such a sense of curiosity, in a world full of speakeasies, gangsters and crime bosses, and bootlegging.  HBO's Boardwalk Empire delves into this underground world in Atlantic City, and it offers us a glimpse of what may have been happening on the golden sand. 

However, if you want to know more, and perhaps hear the true stories of just how life was during this exciting time, then all you have to do is make a reservation with the Great American Trolley Company for their Roaring 20s Tour!  Step back into the Golden Era of the grand hotels, see how nightlife kept the city alive, and see where Nucky Johnson ruled court.  The trolley will even pick you up at one of several locations to whisk you away on the adventure of a lifetime, complete with an expert tour guide who will spin magnificent tales along the way.  Lunch is even included at the Irish Pub, a historic locale that definitely played its part in the good times of the 20s.

For additional information, please visit the Great American Trolley Company online, or call (609) 884-5230.  They also offer various other tours, private charters, and are available for weddings and special events.

And while you are in the historic mood, there is one thing that is an absolute MUST SEE when visiting Atlantic City, and it is just a few miles down the beach.


Lucy the Elephant is an attraction that brings out the romantic in all of us.  Saved by a committee and even moved a few blocks to her current home on the sand, her story is one of perseverance and will power, and it is easy to see why she is one of the greatest roadside attractions in America today. 

Standing over six stories high and looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, it is said that Lucy played her part during Prohibition, and served as a signal post for entrepreneurial bootleggers.  Her large eyes, looking out onto the water, could serve as a lookout for incoming shipments, and lantern light could also serve as a "safe sign" for boats full of illegal liquor to dock. 

Taking a guided tour of Lucy will fill your mind with wonder.  Originally built as a real estate sales tool, Lucy has even been a private home during her time in Margate City.  Her interior is filled with informational artifacts that bring her colorful history to life. 

For additional information, please visit Lucy the Elephant online, or call (609) 823-6473.


Now when the sun is high in the sky and a gentle breeze blows in off the bay, it is the perfect time to visit the Historic Gardner's Basin!  If you'd like to step away from the bustle on the Boardwalk, this is the ideal location to relax, have a meal, take a dolphin watching cruise, or shop for unique gifts at the Crafters Village.  However, most visitors come to see the interesting creatures at the Atlantic City Aquarium!

The Atlantic City Aquarium, added to the Gardner's Basin in 1999, is an exciting, educational attraction that gives visitors a peak into New Jersey's Coastal Marine Environment and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Patrons can come face to face with a Moray Eel, see the beautiful Moon Jellies, or watch Groman, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  You can even touch stingrays, horseshoe crabs, and sharks at the Atlantic City Aquarium! 

And the aquarium doesn't just stop with sea life.  See a nice array of snakes, lizards, and other land creatures.

For additional information, please visit online, or call (609) 348-2880. 

Now, the Gardner's Basin is definitely a place where you will want to spend the entire afternoon, which means finding a fantastic lunch spot!


The Back Bay Ale House is in a wonderful location, right on the inlet at the Gardner's Basin.  With indoor and outdoor seating, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal, or even one or two famous Basin Mason Margaritas. 

This restaurant definitely puts off an "island feel", especially when seated at the upstairs balcony.  This also affords a gorgeous view of the inlet, especially at sunset! 

However, while the location and the ambiance are definitely key factors on why you should definitely visit the Back Bay Ale House, the food is definitely the deciding factor. 

With starters like the Tortilla Chips and Dips (served with fresh pico de gallo, warm queso cheese, and the best homemade guacamole North of the border) and Jerk Chicken Wings, the appetizer list is impressive.  Several salad options are also available, such as the Jersey Garden Chicken Salad and the Seafood Cobb Salad. 

When the time comes to order an entree, the decisions become a bit more complex.  With fresh sandwiches like the New Orleans Crab Cake Po' Boy and the Cajun Mahi, variety is definitely present at the Back Bay Ale House.  However, it is truly difficult not to order the freshest clams imaginable... right off Jersey boats, lightly breaded and fried, and dropped into a basket full of Old Bay Fries.  Not in the mood for seafood?  The Back Bay Ale House also offers tender steaks, Caribbean Jerk Pork, and (drum roll) the Grilled Chicken Maryland. 

The Grilled Chicken Maryland may just be one of the best dishes in this hemisphere.  Two juicy chicken breasts are topped with jumbo lump crab in a sweet cream butter sauce that is absolutely divine!  You must come back twice... just to have this dish a second time! 

When anywhere near Atlantic City, be sure to stop in for fresh, delicious dishes, served in one of the best atmospheres on the Jersey shore.

For additional information, please visit the Back Bay Ale House online, or call (609) 449-0006.

Atlantic City is just FULL of things to make your next summer getaway unforgettable, or to fill a vacation for any season!  For additional ideas of what to do in Atlantic City, visit the folks at DO AC online, where you will find plenty of helpful planning tools!