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By Angela Ash

Newport is a fascinating city in Kentucky, separated from Cincinnati by the mighty Ohio River.  It is culturally diverse, offering both historical preservation and fresh, innovative attractions for visitors and locals alike. 

With world class hotels right on the waterfront, riverboat cruises, great walking tours, and a pedestrian bridge that takes its travelers right into the heart of downtown Cincinnati... Newport is a top level destination. 

However, as with any city, there are a few attractions that really stand out, and they are both located at Newport on the Levee, an exciting shopping, dining, and entertainment mecca that constantly offers its visitors new things to explore!


Kendyl Rae, touching her new reptile friend.

The Newport Aquarium is, well... pretty amazing.  In a million gallons of water, you can view thousands of creatures up close and personal.  You can even touch a few. 

When I say that this facility offers a LOT to do, I am seriously down-playing the adventures that await.  The new Turtle Corral is nothing short of spectacular.  You can view Bravo, the 650 pound Galapagos Tortoise, and even interact more with the VIP Bravo Experience.  And at all times, amongst the 14 different species of turtles, there are three that you can actually touch, as a knowledgeable employee fills your head with fun facts about these fascinating creatures. 

The Penguin Palooza will allow you to view the most diverse collection of cold-weather penguins in the entire country... right here in Newport.  Make certain to catch one of the shows, where you will be highly entertained with information on these adorable creatures, while an aquarium presenter communicates with animated penguins on a screen.  But let me tell you, the real ones are just as animated! I watched in literal wonder as one of these guys in particular interacted with a small group of children, racing from one end of the glass to the other, as they gleefully chase him, squealing with delight. 

However, this delight can quickly turn into sheer terror when approaching Surrounded By Sharks.  Yes... it fits its description exactly.  You are SURROUNDED by sharks.  As you walk through underwater tunnels, you will be face to face with Shark Rays, Stingrays, a multitude of different shark species, and Denver, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.  But it never fails.  No matter how many times you convince yourself that you are safe on dry land, seeing a giant shark swimming straight for your head can really get the adrenaline pumping!  If you'd like even more interaction with these fascinating animals, then stop by Shark Central, where you can actually touch a few.  And this is even included in your regular aquarium admission!  How cool is that? 

As you visit the rest of aquarium, you will see exotic fish, graceful sea horses, and electrifying jelly fish... and that is just to name a few!  You can also view animal feedings, or watch special shows where divers actually interact with the animals!

Visit the Newport Aquarium on your next visit to the Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area, and experience an adventure like no other.  You can even rent the facility for special events and occasions!

For more information, you can visit the Newport Aquarium online, or call (859) 261-7444 for more information.


Boarding right at Newport on the Levee is one of the best sight-seeing adventures you will ever have on land... AND water! 

That's right!  Climb aboard these spectacular WWII vehicles, where you will be greeted with fun facts, lively music, and tons of fun, as you cruise through the streets of Northern Kentucky and downtown Cincinnati.  And hold on tight as you drop into the Ohio River, with spectacular views of sights like the Roebling Suspension Bridge, the Paul Brown Stadium, the Great American Ballpark, and so much more! 

For a unique, interesting way to learn about the greater Cincinnati area, make your reservation for one of the most entertaining tours you will ever experience.

For additional details, please visit them online, or call (859) 815-1439 for more information.

For more information, please visit Newport, Kentucky online, or call (859) 261-1500 for additional assistance with planning your next getaway.