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By Angela Ash

With so much to explore, Chicago is a vacation destination that should be at the top of anyone's list.  Packed to the brim with something for everyone, this is an ideal spot for a romantic weekend, a ten day family vacation, or a girl's getaway.  With world class museums, tall buildings, nearby casinos, and lakeside beaches... it is impossible to have a dull moment!

The only problem may be deciding what to do first, but I can make that really easy!


The Museum of Science and Industry is, in short, a marvel.  There aren't many places where you can descend to the bottom of a coal mine, tour a German submarine, and gaze at a fairy castle... all before lunch!  With no exaggeration necessary, it would be entirely impossible to see and experience everything in one day. 

For  additional details, call (773) 684-1414, or visit them online.

 When in a city this large, with SO much to do, it is always a fantastic idea to take a guided tour or two.  They actually help familiarize you with the layout, and you can even choose a particular theme that will interest you. 


For anyone who may wish to learn about the darker history of Chicago, and even hope to run into a ghost or two, then the Chicago Hauntings Tour is a great place to start!

For about two and a half hours, you will ride about the city on the "Ghost Bus", stopping to actually disembark and explore at several locations.  This tour was designed by Ursula Bielski, famous author and ghost hunter, so there should be no doubt in your mind that a fascinating evening is before you. 

Led by paranormal experts and tour guides, you will hear tales of murder,death, mayhem, and everything in between.  And the best thing about this tour is that it is always evolving!  Our guide made several split second alterations, based on traffic, weather, and the fact that he had just decided to "give us a real treat". 

You may end up outside of a mausoleum, standing on the street where John Dillinger took his last breath, or peering through the windows of a real haunted house.  The only thing that you can know with utmost certainty is that you may want to sleep with the lights on!

If you would like more information, you may visit them online, or call (773) 822-4768.


One image that has always been synonymous with the mere mention of Chicago is the outline of a man, wearing a fedora and toting a machine gun.  That's right, I am talking about the almost romantic legends of gangsters in this city. 

Follow your expert tour guide on this bus tour, throughout the streets where violent murders occurred and the "crime boss" was the king of the neighborhood. You will hear about the mobsters who achieved often heroic status, as they evaded the law, ran hidden "speakeasies", and committed violent crimes in broad daylight. 

Even better, you will get off the bus at various locations, to stand on the very streets where many of these occurrences took place.  Learn about Al Capone, John Dillinger, and a dozen other gangsters who definitely left their mark on Chicago!

This is a historically based tour, so expect no fictionalized tales here.  But remember, the truth is often stranger than fiction, and the stories that you will hear are a perfect example!

To learn more, visit them online, or call (312) 888-6224. 

After an exciting day in Chicago, a delicious meal with be in order! With mobsters on your mind, stay with it all the way through dinner!


Step into the fascinating world of the Roaring Twenties, as you enter Tommy Gun's Garage, the ultimate destination for an interactive audience spectacular in Chicago. 

The theme begins before you even walk into the building at this amazing dinner theater, where a secret password will gain your entry to the "garage", which looks like it was used as a set for a gangster movie.  Never breaking character, visitors may interact with the club manager, a surly "security" guard, or their fantastically clad server, who is also secretly selling "hooch" to the customers.   

The menu at Tommy Gun's Garage is the absolute best I have ever seen at a themed dining experience.  Boasting such dishes as a ten ounce prime rib, center cut pork chops, and baked salmon, the food volleys for center stage.  The prime rib is cooked to absolute perfection, and literally covers the entire plate, served with a salad, vegetable, potato, and rolls.  Also, be sure to partake in one of the many specialty martinis, such as Valentino's White Chocolate Mint or Al Johnson's Razzmatazz. 

And as the night progresses and the hysterical variety show begins, you will laugh until you cry at the antics that ensue.  At any moment, the authorities may burst into the building, giving sobriety checks to the audience, taking bribes, and even joining in the show. 

This is a brilliant night out for any occasion!  The crazy comedy is perfect for groups, yet the "cozy" feel of the room definitely provides a romantic ambiance for a dinner for two.  When visiting Chicago, this is definitely something that you will not want to miss!

For more information, call (312) 225-0273, or visit online.

 However you decide to spend your time in the Windy City, just get there already!  Your adventure awaits!