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Chicago Hauntings


By Angela Ash

For anyone who may wish to learn about the darker history of Chicago, and even hope to run into a ghost or two, then the Chicago Hauntings Tour is a great place to start!

For about two and a half hours, you will ride about the city on the "Ghost Bus", stopping to actually disembark and explore at several locations.  This tour was designed by Ursula Bielski, famous author and ghost hunter, so there should be no doubt in your mind that a fascinating evening is before you. 

Led by paranormal experts and tour guides, you will hear tales of murder,death, mayhem, and everything in between.  And the best thing about this tour is that it is always evolving!  Our guide made several split second alterations, based on traffic, weather, and the fact that he had just decided to "give us a real treat". 

You may end up outside of a mausoleum, standing on the street where John Dillinger took his last breath, or peering through the windows of a real haunted house.  The only thing that you can know with utmost certainty is that you may want to sleep with the lights on!

If you would like more information, you may visit them online, or call (773) 822-4768.