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Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives


By Angela Ash

The Museum of Science and Industry is, in short, a marvel.  There aren't many places where you can descend to the bottom of a coal mine, tour a German submarine, and gaze at a fairy castle... all before lunch!  With no exaggeration necessary, it would be entirely impossible to see and experience everything in one day. 

However, the exhibit that I would like to live in is a walk-through experience that is comprised of one quarter pure magic and three quarters Walt Disney.  But after all, those two are one in the same, aren't they? 

I have only ever seen one such collection this fantastical, and it involves Florida sunshine and is a long, long way from Chicago.  The Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives is made up of nine decades of the memories... the history... the characters that made us laugh, cry, and believe. 

This exhibit allows the patron to step into the mind and life of Walt Disney, and to see the dreams and ideas that filled his genius of a mind to the very brim.  You can see props from cherished movies, theme park designs, costumes, and even a stunning recreation Walt Disney's Burbank office.  The blocks that spell the name of the most cherished nanny ever are included in the Mary Poppins display, and the suit that Tom Hanks wore while playing the man himself in Saving Mr. Banks is even there for your viewing pleasure. 

And want to do a little more than just look?  You can even create sound effects, or learn to draw your favorite Disney character!  (There goes a two hour decision for me there.) 

As with anything connected with Disney, this is a MUST SEE for any fan, or even those who may want to remember that magical moment when you thought, even for the slightest of moments, that an umbrella could cause one to take flight.

For  additional details, call (773) 684-1414, or visit them online.