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By Angela Ash

Baltimore is a city that is a breathtaking mix of both the old and the new.  Luxurious, modern hotels fill the spaces of landmark buildings, and the harbor is an eclectic mix of new, exciting attractions and historical gems. 

With so many interesting options that Baltimore offers up to its visitors, it may be difficult to even know where to start!  However, the most important part of planning any visit is to find that perfect hotel, offering exceptional amenities, a great location, and a comfortable bed to provide a good night's sleep for the next day's adventures!


Located close to the Baltimore Washington Airport is a true traveler's oasis! The Staybridge Suites offers amenities that will please the most discerning visitor, while providing the comforts and conveniences to make your stay energizing and memorable.

People often say that location is key, and this Staybridge Suites is convenient to virtually anywhere you may want to go in the Baltimore area. Right by the BWI Airport, this property is perfect for those arriving by air, with an inviting room just a few minutes away from landing.  Convenient to several interstates and offering complimentary parking, those families making a summer road trip will also find this locale perfect for their needs.  With the exciting attractions of the Inner Harbor just moments away, the Staybridge Suites is the ideal place to call "home" during your visit to Baltimore and its outlying areas.  The chivalry of Medieval Times, budget-friendly outlet shopping, and Baltimore Live's casino action are also minutes within your reach! 

You will find it extremely difficult to find a hotel that offers this pleasing array of amenities!  A business center is available, making it simple to finish up a report, or to print out directions, and in-room Wi-Fi is free for all hotel guests.  A complimentary breakfast buffet will greet you every morning, complete with biscuits and gravy, breakfast meats, pastries, cereal, and all of your favorites.  The fitness facility is at your disposal to work off that large breakfast, or you may take a few laps in the sparkling, outdoor swimming pool.  This hotel thinks of everything, by providing on-site laundry facilities, as well! 

And my absolute favorite offering is the ability to check out free movies to watch in the DVD player located in every room.  However, if you have a different experience in mind, you may watch your selection in the screening room, complete with a big screen and comfortable seating. 

Now, you may find it a task to actually leave your room at all, because it comes complete with all of the comforts of home!  Rooms come equipped with a full kitchen, which can really help you stick to that budget getaway.  The bedding is super comfortable, and provides an excellent, restful night's sleep. 

Whenever your travels take you near Baltimore, make the Staybridge Suites your first stop!

If you would like more information, you may visit Staybridge Suites online, or call (410) 850-5666.



While you are in Baltimore, finding a unique, locally owned restaurant is a must!  While there are many to choose from, there is one that will definitely bring you back for a repeat visit.

The DogWatch Tavern in historic Fells Point offers absolutely delicious food in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you just sotpped into your neighborhood pub... even if you're visiting from out of town! 

This place is extremely unique.  It mixes all of the things that you love about your favorite bar, such as comfortable seating, a FREE pool table, video games, and plenty of televisions for sports watching... with a diverse menu of tasty, homemade sandwiches, bread bowls, appetizers, and more. 

Many patrons may pop  in for appetizers during the big game, ordering the Buffalo Chicken Dip, Fried Mozzarella, the CrabCake Sliders, or the White Chicken Chili Nachos.  The Chicken Quesadilla is also a favorite, with just the right amount of spice. 

But be sure to stick around to try the tantalizing, handcrafted sandwiches that emerge from this aromatic kitchen.  Serving over twenty different options, it may be extremely difficult to decide amongst the Fried Oyster Po Boy, the Giant BLT, or the Corn Beef Reuben. 

And this place has one of the best burgers I have ever had in my life!  This specially seasoned Black Angus Burger can be topped with Onion Strings, Bacon, Mushrooms, Grilled Pepers or Onions, and a variety of cheeses. 

Equally as impressive is the rosemary and almond crusted Tilapia, served on fresh, toasted Chiabata bread.  When you visit the Dogwatch Tavern, you MUST try one! 

The DogWatch Tavern obviously serves as a meeting place where visitors will receive expertly mixed drinks, tasty food, and friendly, attentive service.  The bartenders seem to know many by name, greeting them as they make their way to what is most likely their "usual table".  When visiting a city, I love to eat where the locals do, and the DogWatch Tavern is definitely the place!

For more information, you may visit the tavern online, or call (410) 276-6030. 


If you are looking for an alternative to the typical dinner out, then the city of Baltimore will not disappoint!  Spirit Cruises offers a night of ultimate luxury, a delectable dinner, dancing, and absolutely spectacular views of the Inner Harbor. Sound like a plan? 

Offering sightseeing, lunch, dinner, holiday, and special occasions cruises, Spirit Cruises offers an exceptional experience that you must, well... "experience" to believe it! 

With delicious, bountiful buffets, all of your favorite dishes await, and, with the "all you can eat" variety, you will never disembark hungry.  And if you are in the mood for a glass of wine or expertly crafted cocktails, the bar will offer libations that will have you ready for the dance floor! 

If dancing isn't on the agenda, the top deck awaits, full of comfortable seating and an uninhibited view of the gorgeous night sky.  You can listen to soothing music, as you coast along the harbor. 

Whether it be a special occasion, a sightseeing spectacular, or a romantic full moon dinner, Spirit Cruises has just the sailing for you!

For more information, you may visit Spirit Cruises online, or call (410) 727-3113. 

And now that you have a wonderful place to rest your head and plenty of great food, set aside plenty of time to explore all that Baltimore has to offer!



Located conveniently right in the Inner Harbor, the entire family will enjoy what Ripley's has in store!  There are very few places where you can see shrunken heads, the Fiji Island Mermaid, and sculptures and works of art created by the oddest materials... all before lunch! 

This is a museum like no other!  In fact, it's an "odditiorium"... a place where the most fantastical can come to life right before your very eyes. 

And if this attraction were not enough to fill up a lazy Saturday,  the folks at Ripley's also offer a mirror maze and a moving theater!

For more information, you may visit Ripley's online, or call (443) 615-7878.



The Inner Harbor area of Baltimore boasts many attractions... truly something to entertain everyone.  However, this just might be my favorite! 

Imagine, exploring some of the best preserved ships in the country.  You can touch, climb down ladders, squeeze through tunnels, an duck through doorways.  But best of all, you can immerse yourself in great moments of our nation's history.  You may visit one or two ships, or all four, including a lighthouse. 

The Historic Ships collection consists of the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, the USS Constellation, USCG Cutter Taney, Lightship Chesapeake, and the magnificent submarine USS Torsk. Walking onto any of these vessels is like stepping back in history.  In an almost museum-like setting, you can view artifacts, learn about life on board, or explore on your own.

For more information, you may visit Baltimore's Historic Ships online, or call (410) 539-1797. 

And if you still find yourself in the historical mood, then you should definitely pay attention to this next attraction!



The B & O Railroad Museum offers the most amazing look into railroad history that I have ever experienced!  If you have even a mild interest in the inner workings of the railway system, how railroads grew and evolved into what we see today, or you just like climbing about in antique rail cars, then this is the place for you! 

Just pulling into the parking lot starts my imagination right up, as I am literally surrounded by trains of all age, size, and color.  It brings the mind to wonder where they have been, and what stories they have to tell. 

The entrance of the historical station looks much like it did in old photographs, and I can almost envision the likes of Edgar Allan Poe stepping through the door to board a train. 

Once inside, the ticket options include the attractions of this vast museum, Mile One Express train rides, and Choo Choo Blueville... just for kids.  They even have special events on sale, with crowd pleasers like Choo Choo Soul! 

The interactive exhibits, walk through experiences, and historical artifacts on display are nothing short of inspiring, building up to the beauty of the 1884 Baldwin Roundhouse.

For more information, you may visit the B & O Railroad Museum online, or call (410) 752-2490.

 Well, if even the mere passing mention of Edgar Allan Poe raised your interest, then there is definitely one place in Baltimore that you do not want to miss!



The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum sits on a quiet street in Baltimore, mostly surrounded by residential apartments.  I think that it may be one of those places that you begin to "feel" before it ever even comes into view. 

This dwelling is one of the homes of Edgar Allan Poe, one of America's greatest writers, spinning tales and poetry of mystery and macabre seemingly as effortlessly as one mighty take a breath.  However, even as the genius that we know him to have been today, his life was filled with misfortune and grief, culminating in his mysterious death right in Baltimore in 1849. 

It is often said that, especially with larger than life historical characters, their presence still seems to embody the places where they lived, worked, and even died.  This is especially the case with the Poe House.  Visiting this property provides such a unique peek into the home life that Poe would have lived that you almost expect to see him sitting at his writing desk.  With a plethora of information in this museum, you will surely hear or see things about this beloved author that you would have never known, without a visit to this historical gem. 

Quite like Poe himself, the house has experienced some trials of its own.  Opened to the public, closed, and now (thankfully) open again... it is a testament that you just can't keep a a group of people with a vision down.  The folks at Poe Baltimore donate their time, energy, and most importantly, their knowledge to ensure that future generations can continue to marvel in the wonders of the life of this passionate, often mysterious, and innovative author.

For more information, you may visit the Poe House online, or call (410) 669-2290.

And while you may be in a bit of a mysterious mood, Fells Point has even more to offer.



Every city has a dark side, and the historic area of Fells Point in Baltimore is definitely not the exception.  So what better way to explore than to join in on a Ghost Walk? 

The Original Fells Point Ghost Walk takes a small group of visitors through the cobblestone streets to stop at a variety of places where spirits have been seen, odd events have occurred, or anywhere that falls squarely under the category of "just plain creepy". 

With expert guides who definitely have all of their historical facts straight, tour participants will visit a cemetery, strange buildings and places, and even a bar that Edgar Allan Poe frequented... all accompanied with a flavorful narrative that seems to hurl its listeners straight into the past. 

For more information, you may visit Baltimore Ghost Tours online, or call (410) 357-1186.

Baltimore has so many unique attractions that it may be hard to decide which ones you can fit into your visit.  However, sometimes you have to sqeeze in time to experience things that you may never see in another destination. 



Geppi's Entertainment Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience that will delight absolutely anyone who enjoys many of the exciting facets of pop culture.  With exhibits that will send you back to your childhood, and then blast you back to present day with fresh, interesting new displays, this a MUST SEE attraction in Baltimore. 

Their "A Story In Four Colors" exhibit literally fills a giant room with comics of all shapes, age, and characters. I truly believe that some people spend hours in this room, occasionally letting out the hushed, excited whispers of "Oh I remember that...", or "I swear I had that one!". 

Throughout the rest of the space, expect to experience classic toys, musical revolution, and plenty of super heroes, to mention a few.  This is a place that definitely eludes traditional description, as that it will amaze you in at least 100 ways before you exit the building.

For more information, you may visit the museum, online, or call (410) 625-7060.

 For additional information on how to plan your exciting getaway, check out Visit Baltimore online, where you will find information on hotels, attractions, and restaurants, as well as helpful tips to make your visit memorable. 

You may also call 1-877-Baltimore.