Where will the road take YOU?

Destination Diaries

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By Angela Ash

As environmentally conscious people, we are constantly striving to find new things to recycle, better vehicles for our carbon footprint, and different products to use that will not harm animals or our environment. 

Every year families take vacations, couples go on their honeymoons, and girls plan their weekend getaways.  Why not continue the same practices away, that we ensure to fit into our dailiy routines at home? 

Below are 10 tips that should have you traveling GREEN in no time!

1.  Before you even leave home, unplug anything and everything that will not be in use.  Even something as insignificant as a cell phone charger will use unnecessary energy. 

2.  Adjust that thermostat!  Always alter your temperature at least a few degrees when you will not be there to enjoy the cool air or the cozy heat. 

3.  Always have someone check in on your fur babies.  Even if you think that you've left plenty of food and water, an over-eager drinker may spill the minute you've shut the door. 

4.  Pack reusable bottles for water while sightseeing or hanging out at the beach.  To avoid the purchase of anything that may end up in a landfill is a great decision! 

5.  If renting a vehicle for a road trip, be sure to try to find something that is fuel efficient. Wacth out for free upgrades, because they will often cost more for gas.

6.  When possible, select a hotel property that supports recycling and takes other measures to stay within green guidelines.  Also, reuse your towels and bedding, and turn off the lights and television when you leave a room, just like you would at home. 

7. When going for a hike in the mountains, or snorkeling in the ocean, try not to touch fauna or coral.  

8.  I realize that this should go without saying, but always put your trash in the proper receptacle.  Too often, people become more careless in cities that are not their own, and forget that this, too, is someone else's home.

9.  When you are shopping for gifts or souvenirs to bring back, try to shop at local markets or make your purchases from local vendors. 

10.  Upon your return home, keep a note of the new ways you learned to protect the environment and conserve energy, and remember to make use of them at home and on your next getaway!