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Ron Pope


By Angela Ash -  Image Credit: Tim Ash

Tonight, the city of Louisville is host to one of this generation's most gifted voices.  Ron Pope is performing at Headliners Music Hall, to a crowd of impassioned, energized fans... often singing the lyrics so loudly that they double as his back-up choir. 

Pope's fans are beyond excited about his music.  If you give it even a 60 second listen, it is easy to understand why.  There are some artists who just seem to speak directly through their music, captivating everyone who is within earshot, and causing more than just a few to respond to the genuine, soul-searching lyrics with an earnest "I've been there before".  This is his hook.  While literally exuding brilliance, his songwriting showcases an approachable, artistic daydreamer, who has the ability to inspire you in 100 ways... all before lunch. 

Since his 2006 hit "A Drop In The Ocean" blasted the internet, becoming one of the top 100 downloaded songs on iTunes, Ron Pope has continued to pump out one masterpiece after the next, always surprising his audience with new sounds, different instruments, and lines that quickly become Facebook statuses.  His latest offering, Calling Off The Dogs, is no exception, boasting the electric vibe of "Lick My Wounds" and the hauntingly exquisite "Nothing", a duet with Alexz Johnson... and quite possibly the breakup song of the decade. 

But Pope is not one to rest between albums.  While on this tour, he is already playing and recording brand new material... always with an authentic sound that may only be described as "Ron Pope".  You can feel the eager anticpation in the crowd with each new song, especially as he showcases "After The Flood"... where he encourages the crowd to sing along, as if this group were to need any encouragement.  Joined by opening act Von Grey, four incredibly talented sisters from Atlanta, Pope literally mesmerizes the room with "A Little More Love"... sure to be an instant hit. 

Always ready to please his fans with his much beloved, early material, Pope moves through "Come To California", "Fireflies", "In My Bones", "October Trees", "You're The Reason I Come Home", "Atlanta", and the ever-contagious "A Drop In The Ocean". 

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