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The Game's Afoot



Tina Jo Wallace as Madge Geisel and Brian Bowman as William Gillette

By Angela Ash


Playing through November 16, The Game's Afoot will be sure to get everyone in the mood for the Halloween season, with chills and thrills around every corner!

A Broadway star, who is best known for his successful role of Sherlock Holmes, invites his supporting cast to his castle for the weekend, while he is recuperating from a  gunshot wound.  While no one quite knows what to expect, they definitely don't plan on murder. 

Equal parts comedy and thriller, be prepared to spend an evening packed full of adventure! This plot has so many turns and twists that the audience is constantly kept guessing.  And just when you think that you may have it all figured out, expect even more surprises! 

The casting of this production is absolutely brilliant!  Brian Bowman is a clever William Gillette, the famous star known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, and his mother Martha (Rita Thomas) is spectacular in her role of his doting protector, who has a few tricks up her sleeve.  Tina Jo Wallace as Madge completely chills the audience during a seance scene, with guests literally jumping out of their seats.  And David Myers as Felix, Gillette's co-star and best friend, truly leaves the crowd breathless with laughter as he attempts to "dispose" of the victim.  Joey Banigan and Zachary Burrell are brand new to the Derby Dinner Playhouse stage, and are completely intriguing as newly-weds, Simon and Aggie.  And Janet Essenpreis as Daria Chase, and Elizabeth Loos as Inspector Goring are beyond fantastic, both literally filling the room with their powerful scenes and riotous exploits.

The Derby Dinner Playhouse is located right in Clarksville, Indiana... just over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. It is a theater in the round, and has been in operation since 1974, making it one of the oldest and largest continuously operating theatres in the country!

You will receive a top notch production for your ticket price, plus a mouth-watering meal, served buffet style, boasting delicious favorites like fried chicken, mouth-watering pasta selections, and a meat carving station. Some of the best desserts around are also offered, like the peanut butter pie or the brownie sundae!

And make sure to be there early for the Footnotes, Derby Dinner Playhouse's very own musical spectacular, singing sneak peaks from upcoming shows, or additional selections connected to the night's main attraction. They are refreshing, delightful, and a great kick off to the evening's festivities!

Visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse for more information, or call 812-288-8281 to order your tickets today!