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An Evening With Poe


By Angela Ash

Edgar Allan Poe is just synonymous with the Halloween season.  When a chill hits the air, and the leaves are on the ground, it doesn't take much imagination to transport oneself into the land of the macabre through Poe's foreboding library of chilling poetry and dark tales. 

And through the clever endeavors of the Frazier History Museum, they have made it possible to spend an entire evening completely immersed in the slightly mad, brilliant world of Poe. 

Several of his works are illustrated on stage through literary interpretations that mix fear, suspense, and even comedy into an entertaining"Poe-pourri" that has its audience absolutely enraptured. 

Kelly Moore, Eric Frantz, and Tony Dingman present five poems and three short stories, in an entertaining, enthusiastic fashion that will have you mesmerized! 

And blending a bit of music with the theatrical performances, the Tamerlane Trio plays selections from Poe's geographical area... maybe even songs he may have hummed as he walked the streets, plotting out his next masterpiece. 

An Evening With Poe will occur selected nights through November 4, so hurry and reserve your tickets today!

For more information visit the Frazier History Museum online, call (502) 753-5663, or read their review HERE on Destination Diaries.