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The Poker Review:  Tropicana Evansville

By:  Tim Ash


Traveling the world is exciting in any person's book, however traveling and getting to do what you love is the greatest experience in the world. Such is an average week in the life of a poker player. 

This is why it is great to mix things up a little, even if you have a regular room in your hometown.  Players should always be on the lookout for a handful of good "change of pace" rooms.

Poker is a game where social skills are just as important as knowing your hold cards. Players can sit down with chips and scout the field of opponents to decide who they would like to go to war on the felt with. At the Tropicana in Evansville, Indiana, the poker room is no different.

The entrance to the poker room is on the first level, and at initial glance, the room "seems" relaxed. However, the truth is quite the opposite. The bad beat is at $286,000 (any quads beat) and the people are quietly and anxiously waiting for a table full of players to stand up and roar with excitement. With its black felt tables and chips rattling away, it gives the impression that most of these players have been coming in every day... hoping for their chance to be a part of the massive bad beat jackpot.

In a case such as this, that can be great for an out-of-towner. There can be a chance to make real money in a room like this, without even hitting the bad beat. As one's skill set will show, many players can be easily moved off their hands with raises and three bets, allowing a novice to intermediate player to take the advantage.

Sun Tzu once said "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting." The same strategy applies to poker and your opponents... even  at the friendly Tropicana. After sitting down to play 1-3 no limit ($50 minimum) at the Tropicana, the poker room is definitely on the verge of exploding with excitement. That is what makes playing there not only advantageous, but absolutely fun. The players, dealers, and those who run the poker room are actually enojoyable to play with... making an four hour session fly by.

The next time you are headed to St. Louis from Louisville, or you just want to take a bit of a drive to have a change of scenery and opponents, make a stop at the Trop.

Visit the poker room at the Tropicna Evansville online for current promotions, or call them directly at (812) 433-4168. 

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