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Skin Deep



Paul Kerr as Joe and Elizabeth Loos as Maureen

By Angela Ash


Playing through February 15th, Skin Deep is just one of those "feel good" performances!  Filled with plenty of laughs and excitement, you will not want to miss it!

Skin Deep is written by Jon Lonoff, and this presentation is directed by Bekki Jo Schneider.  The cast includes Elizabeth Loos, Janet Essenpreis, Brian Bowman, and Paul Kerr.

Skin Deep is a warm comedy about a larger woman named Maureen (Elizabeth Loos) who is looking for love, and is even willing to make a last attempt at a blind date. With unwelcomed help for her sister and husband, Maureen's date, Joe (Paul Kerr), has plenty of obstacles in his path.

This just HAS to be one of the most clever comedies ever written, and the cast at the DDP performs it with brilliance! Elizabeth Loos is truly at her best, spouting off one-liners as second nature. Her gestures, facial expressions, and body language even have the audience in fits of laughter without her even speaking  a word.  This may just be one of her very best performances, which is a huge accolade after her stellar role as Miss Hannigan in Annie a few summers ago. Her chemistry with Paul Kerr is just electric, and the best thing about it all is that it is so BELIEVABLE!  It is easy to drift away, forgetting your surroundings... almost feeling like you are watching a real interaction between just two regular people.  Janet Essenpreis and Brian Bowman also make the perfect match-making sister and brother-in-law. Essenpreis is always just fantastic in this particular type of role. 

The Derby Dinner Playhouse is located right in Clarksville, Indiana... just over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. It is a theater in the round, and has been in operation since 1974, making it one of the oldest and largest continuously operating theatres in the country!

You will receive a top notch production for your ticket price, plus a mouth-watering meal, served buffet style, boasting delicious favorites like fried chicken, mouth-watering pasta selections, and a meat carving station. Some of the best desserts around are also offered, like the peanut butter pie or the brownie sundae!

And make sure to be there early for the Footnotes, Derby Dinner Playhouse's very own musical spectacular! They are refreshing, delightful, and a great kick off to the evening's festivities! With this particular performance, the Footnotes really kick things up a notch.  With popular, fun numbers that really have the crowd singing along, it was obvious that no one wanted it to end.  Again, I must touch on Elizabeth Loos, who was, again, magnificent!

Visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse for more information, or call 812-288-8281 to order your tickets today!