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Carnival Dream - Eastern Caribbean


carnival show

By Angela Ash

Visiting the Caribbean is definitely something to look forward to. You plan and plan... spending endless hours devouring every bit of information that you can on each gorgeous, unique island.  Many travelers opt to visit one location, almost painfully choosing between the wonders of the Bahamas and other destinations that beckon.  But others, those of us who can not quite quell our dreams of diversity and adventure, decide to NOT decide, and we set sail on a cruise ship... a floating city of fun and excitement... also an excellent form of transportation from one piece of paradise to the next.

Carnival Cruise Line is a leader in its industry.  Known as the "fun ship", just its on board water activities are enough to have its guests up at night planning out their days at sea.  However, delving even a little bit deeper, Carnival really listens to its clientele, and they sail from ports that are convenient and close to home, taking you to destinations that you have only imagined could even exist.  Plus, you never have to choose which single destination to visit on your vacation ever again.  Your only choices are which beach to pass a gloriously sunny afternoon on, which museums and attractions to explore, and how many souvenirs you can drag back to the ship!

I know we have all heard the saying that it is all about the journey, and with Carnival, this is entirely true! Getting there is definitely a big part of the FUN!  The Carnival Dream is a beauty, and with 15 massive decks to explore, you could easily spend all 7 days at sea and still not see and do everything! 

And while aboard, a tasteful cabin filled with comfort and convenience awaits!


The cabins on board the Carnival Dream range from suites to balconies to inboard staterooms.  What always remains the same, whether you book with utter extravagance or with a strict budget, is the level of service that is received.  Attending to your every need, your personal steward will truly make your voyage... full of surprises like towel art and night time chocolates.  One of the BEST things about cruising is that you never have to pack and repack when traveling from one destination to the next.  If you are anything like me and find the need to bring at least 10 pairs of shoes, 3 or 4 purses, and a small travel bag full of sunglasses... then this can literally save you hours of precious vacation time!

With plenty of space to move about, you might be tempted to stay inside and order from the 24 hour room service menu (included in the price of your cruise), but with so many other dining options aboard the Carnival Dream, you have to go taste testing! 


The two main dining rooms offer three different menus.  One is a fixed fare, so that you may always order a delicious steak or a Caesar salad.  The second menu changes nightly, boasting everything from prime rib to lobster, as well as menu items that you may have never tried, but have always wanted to!  The third option allows you to order special selections from the steak house, at a small nominal fee.  These dining rooms are always bustling, serving up brunch on sea days, high tea, and breakfast each morning. 

If you are interested in an extra special dinner, make a reservation at the Steakhouse, and enjoy premium cuts in an elegant atmosphere, for just a little extra on your stateroom bill. 

Now, when hunger calls throughout the day, the buffet is always full of delicious all-you-can-eat choices, including special areas such as the Mongolian Wok, the Burrito Bar, and Pasta Bella.  And if you find it way too difficult to leave the pool or change out of your swimsuit, you can have pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and fries right on deck. 

And now that we have mentioned swimwear, the Carnival Dream will literally take your breath away with the choices for staying wet!  Adults may spend countless hours in the hot tubs on the 18 and over Serenity area, or they can hang with the kids as they splash, slide, and swim their away through spray zones, water slides, and sparkling pools.  The Twister slide will have the whole family screaming to the bottom!


And every evening, the Fun Times is delivered to the staterooms, listing the activities for the next day, including everything from trivia to game shows, performances in the main showroom, tournaments in the casino, and liquor tastings. 

With so much entertainment options, you may find the choices a bit dificult.  However, be sure to visit the Punchliner Comedy Club!  With comedians personally selected by George Lopez, this side-splitting venue offers family-friendly shows earlier in the evenings, as well as racier versions for the adults only later at night.  With several comedians aboard, the laughs keep coming in.  And one of the best things about the comedy club is Jeff the Fun Dude, who presents the night's performers and offers quite a few laughs on his own.  I would LOVE to see Jeff the Fun Dude for a show in its entirety! 

And if there is one other spot on the Carnival Dream to start or end your night, it is the piano bar! Always full of great times, this space is an excellent way to meet fellow cruise goers, shouting out tunes that erupt into a free-for-all sing-along. 

Now, while you could easily stay aboard the Carnival Dream and have the vacation of a lifetime, the ports of call on this Eastern Caribbean itinerary are just waiting to be explored! 

This cruise is a round trip extravaganza, leaving from the dynamic Port of New Orleans, a complete destination in itself.  When arriving or departing from your cruise, PLEASE be sure to spend a few days  in this historic, beguiling city.  Do not make the mistake of rushing in and out, without at least experiencing some of what makes New Orleans one of our country's most significant treasures.


Packed with bewitching cemeteries, lovely live oaks, and live music that could pop up on any corner at any given moment, New Orleans also has plenty of museums and attractions to provide weeks worth of sightseeing. 


Now, I will admit that I tend to like a museum more than the average person.  Yes, it is quite possible that I may also be the one holding up the line because I feel the need to read every word on every plaque.  (That IS why they are there!)  Obviously, I have been to a lot of museums.  However, when I find myself in New Orleans for only one day, this is where you will find me! 

The National WWII Museum is a sprawling monstrosity full of just about anything you might possibly wish to see from the WWII era.  In short, it is breathtakingly amazing, and TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site, agrees.  In fact, they ranked the National WWII Museum the #1 attraction in bustling New Orleans, the #4 museum in the country, and the #11 museum in the entire world! 

While the website suggests at least a three hour window to experience the museum, I personally think they are just attempting to be humble.  I witnessed a woman wandering out of the museum, completely coming back to reality and finding that she had missed a heavy rainstorm, a bit of thunder, and her bus back to the Quarter.  And she didn't mind a bit. 

And it isn't difficult to see why.  With multiple buildings packed with interactive exhibits, airplanes, tanks, weapons, personal correspondence, true life stories, and some of the best visualizations I have ever experienced... Sure, I'll miss the bus, as well. 

Your journey begins in a train car, where visitors will set up their own identity, which may be a soldier or civilian.  They can then follow this person's story throughout several stations, where they may inevitably discover the final outcome for their historic character. 

Snaking through the brilliant Road To Berlin exhibit should be the highlight of any historian's day.  This newest pavilion illustrates the struggle that the Axis powers overcame to bring freedom to all of Europe in an eye-opening, interactive way that provides a "step into my world" sort of experience. 

However, if you wish to get even a little more "hands on", then participation in the Final Mission: The USS Tang Experience is a MUST!  This interactive mission puts visitors about the USS Tang on their final war patrol.  Each member of the "crew" must perform certain duties, an immersive illustration of what those aboard may have seen, heard, smelled, and felt. 

And if you have heard rave reviews about Beyond All Boundaries, then you heard right!  Narrated by executive producer Tom Hanks, this 4D journey into the war is something that will amaze, empower, and entertain all who witness it. 


Now, when you visit the National WWII Museum, chances are you will definitely spend the entire day.  In fact, you'll probably camp out on the lawn, ready to start again the following morning.  So surely you will be hungry before, after, or during all of this excitement.  But never fear!  You can satisfy your appetite and still never leave the premises. 

The American Sector is serving up lunch and dinner for all of the museum guests, plus for the folks who just come because the food is THAT good!  With a flavor-packed menu to offer diners just about anything they might be in the mood for, this place is just about as popular as the museum itself.

With soups and salads that can be meals in their own right, patrons may choose between the Gumbo and Caesar or Cobb salads.  The Fried Gulf Oyster Salad seems to be a favorite... always made fresh. 

The lunch menu also offers a selection of Flatbreads, ranging from Duck Confit to House-Smoked Salmon.  With sandwiches like the Gulf Shrimp Po-Boy and the Grilled Barbeque Chicken, any palette can be tempted. 

But where the American Sector truly excels is with their burgers.  Deliciously seasoned and grilled to perfection, the options include the Victory, the Smoke House, the Blackened Blue, and the White Bean.  Served with a basket of crispy fries, these HAVE to be some of the city's best. 

And if you're around for dinner, expect some of the favorites off the lunch menu, along with entrees like Black Pepper Encrusted Ribeye, Shrimp 'N' Grits, and Bacon Braised Duck. 

While I could rave for days about everything that forces an intake of breath within this museum property, the National WWII museum must be experienced in all of its glory in person, preferably more than once. 

For more information on the National WWII Museum, check them out online or call (504) 528-1944.

And as that it is imperative to spend a few nights in the Big Easy, the perfect home base for your explorations is a MUST!


I always stress that a hotel can make or break your vacation, but in New Orleans, this can never be a truer statement.  It is so important to be CLOSE to the excitement, but not right in the middle of it.  In the Big Easy, a couple of blocks can make all the difference!

The Inn on St. Ann is a little gem in the French Quarter, just a few steps from Bourbon Street, yet a world away... tucked into a quiet, residential retreat that will be a welcome haven of relaxation after a long day of seeing the sights!

Part of the French Quarter Guest Houses, this is the exact opposite of your cookie cutter hotel, literally exuding charm that is unparalleled. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was built in 1803, and even from a mere glance, it is the perfect example of quintessential New Orleans! With its grand staircase, intricate architectural designs, and friendly "come right in" aura, the Inn on St. Ann is New Orleans hospitality at its finest!

Its beautiful wrought iron balconies encase 16 guest rooms, all extremely unique and waiting to welcome guests.  With comfortable bedding, spacious bathrooms, and plenty of closet space, these rooms really feel like home... only better.   Fireplaces and thoughtful furnishings make each space feel traditional, yet boasting all of the amenities that travelers have come to expect in superior lodging.


And what would a New Orleans property be without a courtyard?  Well, you won't find out on this trip, because the Inn on St. Ann boasts a lovely courtyard, shaded lovingly by a century old oak tree. 

And if you prefer a quiet, king room for a weekend getaway, or you want to really splurge with the Armstrong Suite, the Inn on St, Ann offers every type of accommodation to suit your needs. 

Also part of the inn is the Marie Laveau Annex, boasting 12 guest rooms and the enchanting heritage of Marie Laveau herself.  While almost every walking tour in the Quarter will point out this cottage, visitors find its magic in the quiet, relaxing hideaway that it offers to its guests. 

And while the Inn at St. Ann could not possibly offer more to beguile a visitor to make that reservation, the French Quarter Guest Houses offer other unique lodging, sprinkled throughout the French Quarter. 

The Inn on St. Peter offers 29 guestrooms, and was built in 1805, with gorgeous touches of Spanish architecture. 

The Inn on Ursulines was constructed in the 1700s, and is one of the oldest buildings in the entire French Quarter.  The smallest of the properties, it offers 15 guest rooms.. each unique and inviting. 

The Lamothe House is the grand dame of the French Quarter Guest Houses, with 30 guest rooms and 5 antique suites.  This property boasts lovely courtyards and a refreshing swimming pool... all nestled beneath the luxurious oak trees of Esplanade Avenue. 

So when you are making preparations to visit New Orleans, be sure to make the French Quarter Guest Houses your first phone call, and experience New Orleans the way it was meant to be experienced!

For additional information on the Inn at St. Ann, please visit them online or call (800) 535-7815.

Before you bid farewell to the Crescent City, be sure to spend at least one or two nights on Frenchmen Street.  Sometimes laughingly referred to as the "Local's Bourbon Street", it is lined with venues that are proud to host some of the best musicians in the entire country. Remember, this is the Jazz mecca of the country!  While every locale is worth a visit, I always seem to especially favor the Blue Nile.  It is spacious, but still has that "intimate feel", and I have never been able to walk by without being drawn in by the brilliant lineup of artists that continuously grace the Blue Nile stage, like the legendary Kermit Ruffins.


Although it may be one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do, it is time to say goodbye to beguiling New Orleans, and anxiously await the other ports of call on the Carnival Dream!

  With Nassau, Freeport, and Key West to come, your adventure is just beginning!

 Atlantis Paradise Island

Nassau and Paradise Island are to the Bahamas what Disney World is to Florida.  Expect plenty of fun for the entire family or for a romantic getaway, especially with the world-class Atlantis Paradise Island just a quick boat ride from the cruise dock.

Nassau boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with plenty of activities to keep you wet!  And if shopping is your thing, you will not be disappointed by the offerings that await. Eat fresh seafood that is literally straight out of the ocean, or try your luck at a thrilling casino.



Atlantis is something that you almost have to experience to even believe that it is real!  I know that this expression is horribly over-used, but stepping foot onto the grounds of Atlantis is like entering paradise.  If you need a place to get away with the entire family, unwind, and have more fun than you ever thought possible, then this is definitely the place for you! 

While you may spend or week or two in a luxury hotel located right on the grounds, Atlantis has not forgotten about the cruise passenger, who may wish to try to cram in as much of Atlantis as they can while at port. With the purchase of a day pass, you can experience a taste of what there is to offer.

For starters, Aquaventure encompasses 141 acres of wet fun, designed to include activities for both the thrill-seeker and those just wanting to grab a float and relax.  With over 20 MILLION gallons of water, Aquaventure is able to include a mile-long river ride that throws in rapids and huge waves of water, 11 swimming pools, 20 swimming areas, a children's water fort, and high speed water slides... some that even tunnel you through shark habitats. 

When you are ready to hit the beach, Atlantis has three to choose from with the Cove Beach, Paradise Lagoon, and Atlantis Beach.  Whether you want a traditional beach with warm waves and soft sand, or a protected lagoon that is just perfect for snorkeling, Atlantis has thought of everything... offering more choices for visitors and constantly providing new experiences. 

And if you still want to stay wet, more personalized water adventures abound!  Snorkel the ruins of Atlantis, scuba or snuba, or get up close with sharks and stingrays.  And the younger children can experience the Sea Squirts program, where they may wade into an environment full of sea life!


And when you are ready to dry off, experience the many marine exhibits!  The Dig takes the idea of the standard aquarium and stands it on its head, with an 11,000 year old lost continent to explore... brimming with exotic sea creatures!  You may also visit sharks, barracudas, and other things you may not want to come face to face in the water with at the Predator Lagoon.  You may also visit the Cenote, the Royal Ray Lagoon, the Stingray Lagoon, and plenty of other exploratory areas. 

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort also boasts the largest casino in the Bahamas.  With 75 gaming tables and 750 slot machines, your favorite game is always only steps away.  Complimentary gaming lessons are also available, as well as special events and tournaments. 


Now if all of this excitement has you wondering about the food and drink options at Atlantis, an amazing 21 restaurants and 19 bars and lounges are at your disposal. Ranging from fine dining to a quick bite, there is definitely something to tempt anyone's palate!

While spending a day at Atlantis is definitely THE thing to do when in port at Nassau, it is truly impossible to even experience half of what the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort can offer. 

Do I sense a new vacation to plan?

For more, visit Atlantis Paradise Island Resort online, or call (888) 877-7525.




Freeport is next on the cruise itinerary, and it is located on the bustling, exciting island of Grand Bahama.  Visitors flock to the pristine beaches, whether for a week or a beautiful day in port off a cruise ship.  Freeport has something to captivate the entire family! 

With gems like the Xanadu Beach and Lucayan National Park, you will never run out of things to explore!


When you are looking for a fun and stress-free way to spend your time in Freeport, then look no further than Calabash Eco Adventures.  This is a fantastic tour group, where they really demonstrate that they understand how precious your time on the island is to you.

Whatever your adventure level, they have something that will make your visit beyond memorable, complete with an expert guide to ensure that you are comfortable, well-educated, and having the time of your life! 

If you want to see a bit of the island, while having the most amazing snorkel and kayak adventure, then you definitely want to take the tour to Peterson Cay!  I will start off by saying that I have never considered myself strong at swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking, yet I found this tour to be one of the best I have ever experienced!  While pushing my boundaries just enough to make it exciting, this tour is wonderful in that you can truly customize it to your own pace.  Kayaking out to Peterson Cay, a gorgeous island only 1 1/2 acres, only took about 15 to 20 minutes, so it was just enough to really experience the thrill of kayaking, without worrying if you could make that next paddle. 

Once on the island, the tour guide morphs into a brilliant snorkel expert, helping everyone on with their gear, illustrating the best way to breathe, and keeping an eye on everyone as they begin to wade out into the crystal clear water surrounding Peterson Cay.  I can not stress how much I prefer this method of snorkeling, versus jumping out of a boat into the deep water!  With the option of snorkeling out as far as one feels comfortable, this is excellent for beginners!  And if you just aren't up for the snorkeling portion, then guests may spend some relaxing time on the beach. 

With a long list of other tour options, including diving expeditions, Calabash Eco Adventures can ensure that you have the perfect time in the Bahamas!

For more information on Calabash Eco Adventures, you may visit them online HERE.

For additional information on the Bahamas, visit the official site HERE.

For additional information about Nassau and Freeport, visit the official site of the Bahamas HERE.

Ready for your last port?  Sunny Key West awaits!


Key West is the Southernmost point of the United States, ranking in only 90 miles from Cuba.  A part of sunny Florida, Key West truly fills like its country, with its "live and let live" attitude, it seems that almost anything goes, drawing in artists, writers, and bohemians from across the world. 

Best known for inhabitants like Ernest Hemingway, John J, Audubon, and Tennessee Williams, there is an overwhelming list of things to do when visiting this little piece of paradise. 


Visiting an unfamiliar city can be hectic and a bit nerve-racking, especially when you are on a strict time limit. Whether you have an afternoon or an entire week, I can not imagine a better way to see Key West than on the Old Town Trolley! 

Any time I find myself researching a new city, the first thing I do is check to see if they have an Old Town Trolley in the area.  I can not begin to explain how my cares seem to melt away when I see that gorgeous, orange vehicle rolling down the street!  Not only will it get you where you want to go, but you will see places that you didn't even know about, but feel the urge to visit. 

And the wonderful thing about the Old Town Trolley is that not only does it stop at 13 places with over 100 points of interest, but you can hop back on whenever you like!  You never have to worry about finding a taxi or meandering through unknown streets to search for a bus, whose route you are completely unsure of.  You simply find the trolley stop, and in a few minutes you will be relaxing on the Old Town Trolley. 

Now, if you are really short on time, the trolley does a complete, narrated tour of Key West, and you just stay right in your seat until you arrive back where you started.  Simple enough? 

I sometimes find myself on the Old Town Trolley, zipping down the street with the wind in my hair, and I feel sorry for the people that we pass along the sidewalks, carrying heavy shopping bags and literally dragging a child or two.  I want to yell out the window, pointing up ahead at the next trolley stop.  It feels wrong to just allow them to trudge along, missing out on the best tour, method of transportation, and the most informative and entertaining thing to do in all of Key West! 

But they will learn, as I did, and after being passed by this trolley full of happy customers, soon purchasing Old Town Trolley Tour tickets will be at the top of any vacation planning agenda!

For more information on Old Town Trolley Tours, you may visit them online, or call (888) 910-8687.


With so many attractions to visit in Key West, it may be difficult to decide which to visit first.  However, I find this decision fairly simply.  I just head straight for the sharks. 

The Key West Aquarium (Old Town Trolley Stop #1) is a fascinating place!  It doesn't have that "polished" feel as in most aquariums.  Instead, this aquarium focuses on the animal life within... something it has been doing since 1934! 

With daily shark and turtle feedings, you get such an up-close and personal visit with the inhabitants.  I can tell you, it is really something to see the nurse sharks literally piling on top of one another to get at lunch! 

The Key West Aquarium also boasts plenty of Touch Tanks, so that you can actually feel these creatures that are typically deep below the surface.

And with guided tours, this aquarium ensures that you discover as much about its tenants as possible in your visit!

For additional details on the Key West Aquarium, please visit them online or call (888) 554-5927.


Just around the corner from the Key West Aquarium is once of the most unique experiences in Key West! The Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum (Old Town Trolley Stop #1) is sure to astound visitors of all ages! 

While guests wait outside, they are entertained by actors, one of which will escort them into the museum, providing an overlook of what they can then explore at their own pace.  See just how the wreckers lived, and what would happen when a wreck was spotted out in the crystal waters off the coast of Key West.  Visitors will see artifacts, watch video presentations, and immerse themselves in interactive exhibits. 

And just when you think the fun is over, you may climb 65 feet to the top of the observation tower, undoubtedly one of the best views in all of Key West!

For more details, visit them online or call (305)292-8990.


The Hemingway Home (Old Town Trolley Stop #5) has haunted me since my last trip to Key West.  I told myself that it was just as well to stand outside the gate and take a few photos, actually catching a glimpse or two of some of Hemingway's beloved, six-toed cats.  I knew that I had made a mistake the minute I stepped onto the cruise ship.  Do NOT make the same error!  Visit this beloved, literary attraction! 

Ernest Hemingway, one of America's most loved and respected writers, lived in this beautiful home from 1931 to 1961.  He wrote many novels while living here, including To Have And To Have Not, which was actually set right here in Key West during the Great Depression. 

You may wander about on your own, or there is a guided tour that is offered, where you will hear absolutely fascinating details about Hemingway's adventurous life, his tumultuous loves, his magnificent career, and the six-toed cat that started it all!

For more information on the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, you may visit them online, or call (305) 294-1136.


If you are visiting the Hemingway House to see how the beloved author lived, then if you know anything about his life, you must also visit where he drank!

Sloppy Joe's Bar (Old Town Trolley Stop #3) is a Key West tradition since 1933.  Quite ironically, it opened its doors the very day Prohibition was appealed, and it has been serving expertly crafted libations and delicious food ever since.  With an interesting history and several names, it is a fact that Ernest Hemingway himself suggested the Name Sloppy Joe's, and like many of the words that fell from the author's lips, it stuck. 

Today locals and visitors alike gather at Sloppy Joe's, where live music always entertains its guests as they have a beer or two at the bar, or have a lively family dinner. 

The menu at Sloppy Joe's has something for everyone, but whatever your taste, come on an empty stomach!  The Starters and Snacks at Sloppy Joe's can be meals on their own accord.  The chicken strips are served by the half pound, and they are breaded to perfection.  The Conch Fritters are a must-try, especially when dipped in the made-in-house Key Lime Mustard!  If your stomach is ready for some serious finger food, then try the Havana Nachos, tortilla chips piled high and topped with jalapenos, tomatoes, black olives, black beans, cheddar and jack cheeses, onions, sour cream, and salsa. 

Now, as that you are at Sloppy Joe's, you must try the Sloppy joe Sandwich, a gigantic bun filled with ground beef in a sweet, rich tomato sauce.  The Full Moon Fish Sandwich also seems to be a favorite... batter dipped and deep fried.  The Shrimp and Chips are also an excellent choice... crispy and fulfilling. 

And even though you know that you just "shouldn't" have dessert, you are in Key West, so you can not exit the building until you have had a slice of sinfully delicious Key Lime Pie!

For more information on Sloppy Joe's, you may visit them online, or call (305) 294-5717.



If you're in the mood for a little history before you leave, or you want to take a peak at one of the darker residents of Key West, then a visit to Fort East Martello (Old Town Trolley Stop #9) is definitely in order. 

Construction of the fort began in 1863, and it was designed to protect against a Confederate attack by sea. As the fort was not finished before the war was, it was abandoned in its unfinished state. 

In 1950, the Key West Art and Historical Society came in to clean and clear away debris and the reminders of its years of abandonment to open their first museum.  With continued work, the society returned the fort to its original plans from the 1860s.  Visitors may marvel at its design, view a collection of relics from the Civil War, see how the wrecking and cigar industries shaped Key West, and witness the amazing art of Mario Sanchez and Stanley Papio. 

This is an astounding place to visit for its history and connection to the Civil War.  However, there are those of us who visit for quite a different reason altogether.  We have come for Robert the Doll. 


Robert the Doll is housed within the shadowy confines of Fort East Martello, where thousands of visitors come to see this mysterious item in person.  And what is so special about Robert the Doll, that he is housed in a fort in Key West?  Well, that answer is quite simple.  It is because Robert the Doll is haunted. 

Making reference to Robert as "haunted" may not be the correct terminology.  Some call it possession by a supernatural spirit.  Others call it a mysterious enigma.  Whatever the case, those who have come into contact with this child's toy claim that he is no ordinary doll.  I would have to agree. 

The short of Robert's story is that he once belonged to a boy, who was his lifelong companion.  However, when young Gene was questioned by his parents as to why he did this or that, he too often replied that Robert had done it.  After Gene's death in 1974 after designing the gallery at Fort East Martello, Robert went to live with Myrtle Reuter, who donated him to the fort in 1994, after claiming that Robert moved about the house of his own accord. 

Since then, ghost hunters, psychics, and those drawn to the paranormal have visited Robert the Doll to see if they might catch his expression changing, or feel as if his spirit may have followed them home. 

Whether you visit Robert the Doll and see his expression turn to a frown, or you merely meander about the fort, taking in its role in Civil War history, a visit should definitely be on your list.

For more information, visit them online or call (305) 296-3913.

Remember that while you are in Key West, time moves a little slower, and what you may have thought as eclectic or eccentric is just normal behavior here.  So have a drink or two at Sloppy Joe's, explore the city on the Old Town Trolley, and see just who you are while you're in Key West.  Chances are that you will be in for a great time!

Whenever even thinking about cruising, be sure to research the ports of call, and choose the itinerary that will provide the things that will interest you, providing activities and experiences for a romantic adventure, or for the broad interests of an entire family! Typically, several different cruise options may sail from the same port, so explore your choices thoroughly on Carnival online, or call 800-764-7419 to speak to a friendly representative.

Carnival Photos Courtesy Of:  Andy Newman Photos - All additional Photos By:  Tim Ash