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Horseshoe Cincinnati Poker Room


For starters, the WSOP room is just gorgeous.  It has a classic, relaxed feel, to cover up the underlying electricity at the 31 tables or pure action.  Poker players LOVE this room.  It is run in a professional, classy way... which seems to be a major complaint with a lot of other rooms.  Players like the service that they receive, such as the ability to buy in right at the table, rather than wait in potentially long lines at the cage, and to receive a massage, again, right at the table. 

In short, they view their players like professionals at the game, where in a world where poker greats are being treated like rock stars, that's all they really want.

And the promotions don't hurt.  With Bad Beats, High Hands, and Hot Seats... there is always an extra incentive to play at Horseshoe Cincinnati.