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(hed) p.e.


By Angela Ash

Last night, (hed) p.e. rolled into Louisville, Kentucky, at Expo Five. 

Really... you just have to be there live to experience the iconic enigma that is (hed) p.e. Equal parts Metal, Punk, and Rasta, there is just nothing like them in the music industry.  And there is definitely nothing like their pit. 

 (hed) p.e. completely overtake the stage, instantly commanding attention.  I just can't explain it.  Jared Gomes has a "presence", and it demands that you watch, listen, and "feel" everything that he is about to do, whether it be belting out a punked out rap, or handing out political views from the mic.  He is absolutely, truly gifted.

This band literally works this intimate crowd into a pure frenzy, racing through old favorites like "Killing Time", and even slowing down a bit for "The Meadow". They even threw in a track or two from their latest album, Evolution.

Ultimately, the crowd left completely exhausted, dancing and jumping to some of the best music that Louisville has heard in a long time. Through the sore muscles and a bruise or two, those at the show immediately took to social media, announcing to the world that (hed) p.e.'s performance was absolutely epic. 

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