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"I Love Lucy" Live On Stage


Thea Brooks and Auriamis Losada as Ricky and Lucy Ricardo

By Angela Ash

If you catch one Broadway national tour this year, make it "I Love Lucy" Live On Stage. And you are in luck, because it is playing through June 14 at the lovely Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, Ohio! 

This riotous step back into the world of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo and Fred and Ethel Mertz is just absolutely refreshing.  Adapted for the stage and with new material by Kim Flagg and Rick Sparks, this fantastic evening of fun will take the audience back to a simpler time, when sometimes a good laugh is all that was needed to make the troubles of day-to-day-life disappear... even if only for an hour or two. 

This play is presented in such a unique format!  Guests are welcomed in as if they are attending a live taping of "I Love Lucy"... complete with a look behind the scenes, and the added treat of hilarious commercial add-ins and contests.  The original episodes of "The Benefit" and "Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined", were written by Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh, and Bob Carroll Jr., and they are performed in such a way that you almost forget that you are sitting in a lavish theater, and not in the historic Desilu Studios. 

Thea Brooks completely embodies the spirit of Lucy Ricardo.  She moves like Lucy... even possessing her quirky mannerisms and charismatic facial expressions.  Any fan of the television show probably enters the theater a bit anxious.  I mean, Lucy Ricardo... what shoes to fill!  However, Brooks effortlessly exceeds the expectations attached to this beloved character, and she draws the audience in with her welcoming, genuine approach to this amazing role. 

Euriamis Losada is just endearing as the infamous Ricky Ricardo.  While he is phenomenal during the "live tapings", he truly excels at his role in the "off air" scenes, where a wink to his secretary makes her swoon, and when he directs an actress, again causing her heart to race with a charming smile.  And when he sings the first number, one can actually see members of the audience scoot to the edges of their seats.

Kevin Remington and Lori Hammel are beyond brilliant as Fred and Ethel Mertz.  Remmington gets laughs with even mere gestures, while Hammel is perfect as Lucy's partner in crime. 

I can not even imagine theater-goers exiting this performance without smiles on their faces.  This genuine, unique production plays magnificent homage to one of television's most beloved series, recreating it in a fashion that adds new insight into why the entire world loves Lucy! 

For additional information, please call (513) 621-2787, or visit online HERE.