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"The Illusionists"



By Angela Ash

The Illusionists - Live from Broadway will be playing through March 26th at the lovely Aronoff Center. If you yearn for something a bit more diverse than the typical Broadway performance, then you don't want to miss this spectacular array of entertainment.

The Illusionists - Live from Broadway is packed with thrills and excitement, but of a much differrent variety. The top illusionists from across the globe have been gathered to provide what can best be described as the best night of magic you can ever hope to experience, all under one roof. There is danger, suspense and moments that will leave wondering if you have crossed over into another realm entirely!

The Illusionists - Live from Broadway is directed by the multi-talented Neil Dorward, who also provides the choreography. The music is by Evan Jolly, with illusion design by Don Wayne.

Expect no less than the world's biggest illusions, escapes, daredevil stunts, mental deductions, manipulations and much, much more. The stars of the stage include: Andrew Basso, Colin Cloud, Jonathan Goodwin, Jeff Hobson, Kevin James, An Ha Lim and Dan Sperry.

It would be absolutely remiss not to mention the decadent theater for this production. The Aronoff Center is the perfect place to witness all that Broadway has in store for Cincinnati!

For additional information, please call (513) 621-2787, or visit online HERE.