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Destination Diaries

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Darker Destinations


Ghost walks, haunted houses, cemeteries! Oh my!

How many times have you been visiting a city, and a certain feeling comes over you, and you just feel like you are not alone?  Or have you ever been curious... even just a little... about what goes on after the sun sets in the local cemetery?

Many cities offer ghost tours, and many of them are great, not just for learning about the paranormal, but for getting a feel of the history of a city.  The saying "dead men tell no tales" (no offense Captain Sparrow) may not always be true!

If you have ever been even the slightest interested in any of these things, then this is the place for you.  Learn not only about haunted walking tours, haunted houses, etc., but also about the settings for horror movies, real life murders, and things that definitely "go bump in the night".



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Waverly Hills Sanitorium

waverly hills sanitarium 2

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mansfield 5a

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