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Kid's Korner

By Kendyl Rae


Kid's Korner at Destination Diaries is unlike many other family-oriented event and review pages.  While we understand that the parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles have to load the little ones up in the car to actually "go", we also value the opnions of the children attending... yes you guessed it, a CHILDREN'S event. 


We strive to provide the comments and ideas from the kids riding roller coasters, sleeping in hotel rooms, learning in the science centers, and giving the standing ovations at the children's theaters. We're also interested if they prefer the tigers to the lions.



Of course, we love to give the important information that helps everyone to decide just how to spend their weekend in Cincinnati after attending an Imagination Movers concert, or their much-awaited vacation at Disneyland, because we are kind people, and we want the adults to feel like they are actually part of the decision making process... even if they are helplessly bound to the absolute will of their toddlers and tweens.


Kendyl Rae is our resident junior journalist. With an enormous love for anything that involves packing a suitcase, she is ready and willing to give opinions, applause, and a complaint or two if she can't see around the person in front of her.  You may learn more about her HERE.


So kids, grab your grown ups and start planning a getaway.  We have reviews, helpful links, and tips and ideas to get you started. Remember to butter them up.  Loading the dish washer can go a long way.


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