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Angels in America - Part One - Millennium Approaches


Lou Liberatore, Mark Junek, and Brian Slaten in Angels in America, Part One, Millennium Approaches, 2017. Photo by Bill Brymer.

By Angela Ash

Actors Theatre is well-known for brining performances to the stage that make us think, feel and become introspective in a way that we never thought possible. Angels in America - Part One - Millennium Approaches, is obviously no exception. Playing through October 10th in the Pamela Brown Auditorium, as part of the Brown-Forman Series, attend fully prepared to witness Actors Theatre at its poignant best.

Written by Tony Kushner and directed by Meredith McDonough, expect a stunning exploration into the raw, basic human ideas of religion, power, politics, loss and sexuality, experienced in a way that is completely unique to Americans in the 1980s. As the AIDS epidemic leaves its lasting effect on sufferers, survivors and those who are but a witness to what remains behind, this performance takes the audience from the confines of a cozy theater and immerses them in this challenging environment.

This brilliant cast includes: Therese Barbato, Richard Gallagher, Mark Junek, Lou Liberatore, Rami Margon, Richard Prioleau, Brian Slaten and Barbara Walsh, all stepping into multiple roles that completely fill the stage. Don't blink for an instant, because you're sure to miss an amazing display of dramatic genius!

Standout performances include Liberatore and his superior mastery of his office telephone systems, Gallagher's illuminating rants on supreme justice, and the wit and emotion packed into every one of Junek's scenes.

In short, this performance is chilling, yet tender, and vulnerable, yet brave. Be sure to get your tickets early, and prepare for an evening that you won't soon forget!

Visit online or call (502) 584-1265 today!