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Skeleton Crew


Madelyn Porter, Dexter McKinney, Jr., Skeleton Crew, 2017. Photo by Bill Brymer.

By Angela Ash

Actors Theatre is a true innovator when it comes to selecting stories that will touch our deepest emotions, making us think, feel and take a deep, reflective look at our own lives. Skeleton Crew does this and more. Playing through December 10th in the Bingham Theatre, as part of the Brown-Forman Series, be prepared to witness one of the most "real" performances of the entire theater season.

Written by Dominique Morisseau and directed by Steve H. Broadnax III, prepare to step into Detroit's Great Depression scene, when automobile factories began to close, and hope was an expensive commodity. However, this doesn't break the spirit of three factory workers who take us on a journey through their fears, their determination and their continued pride as skilled workers in a failing industry.

This short but brilliant cast includes: Steffan Clark, Anton Floyd, Alaina Kai, Patrese D. McClain, Dexter McKinney, Jr., Madelyn Porter and Terrance Smith.

Porter is nothing short of hilarious as the unforgettable Faye, who brings humor and even hope to countless touching situations. And McKinney and McClain consistently bring important issues to the forefront, delivering honest, almost tangible performances that really get at the heart of the strength of the people in Detroit.

Be sure to get your tickets early, and prepare for an evening that you won't find anywhere else!

Visit online or call (502) 584-1265 today!