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"Funny Money"


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Pictured from left to right (back): John Payonk as Vic, Cary Wiger as Henry, J.R. Stuart as Det. Davenport, Bill Hanna as Bill; and in front: Tina Jo Wallace as Betty and Rita Thomas as Jean

By Angela Ash

FUNNY MONEY will be playing at the Derby Dinner Playhouse through February 18, and it offers the perfect opportunity to get in from the cold and laugh until you're completely warm!

From the moment this hysterical play begins, you may start to feel as if you'd been dropped into a skit from I Love Lucy, as the characters frantically change names and think on the fly as they all try desperately to stay out of jail or avoid something even worse! You see, Henry accidentally picked up a briefcase full of money, and the comedy that ensues as he, his wife and their two friends try to cover up what's happened is sheer brilliance.

This spectacular production was directed by Jim Hesselman, and was written by Ray Cooney. The cast includes Cary Wiger, Rita Thomas, Tina Jo Wallace, John Payonk, J.R. Stuart, Bill Hanna and more.  

Cary Wiger steps into the role of Henry flawlessly, moving maniacally from each new scheme to the next with such charisma! Rita Thomas, as Jean, Henry's wife, brings large bouts of laughter from the audience with every expression, gesture and new glass of brandy. And Tina Jo Wallace, playing Betty, a friend who just happened to be over for dinner with her husbad, Vic (John Payonk), when this madness all began, brings the mayhem to a peak as they quickly lend their assistance to this riotous story that gets crazier by the minute.

The Derby Dinner Playhouse is located in Clarksville, Indiana... right over the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. It is a theater in the round, and has been in operation since 1974, making it one of the oldest and largest continuously operating theatres in the country!

You will always receive a top notch production for your ticket price, along with a mouth-watering meal, served buffet style, boasting favorites like fried fish, mouth-watering pasta selections and a meat-carving station. Some of the best desserts around are also offered, like the Orange Pistachio Cake!

Visit the Derby Dinner Playhouse for more information, or call 812-288-8281 to order your tickets today!