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In This Moment With P.O.D., New Year's Day and Ded


By Angela Ash- Images By Tim Ash

If there can be any more glorious place than the Louisville Palace Theatre to see a metal show, I sure haven't found it yet. With its red-curtained stage and blue-sky ceiling, along with architecture fit for any cathedral, the blare of guitars and the frequent screams that accompany this genre might, at first glance, seem a bit out of place. However, the ambiance mixes deliciously with the music, and when you see a show like this, it's easy to see why.


You may recognize Ded from their blazing appearance at last year's Louder Than Life in Champions Park. This infectious group is a sight to behold, running from one side of the stage to the next in such a fury that it's almost impossible to catch them on film. Of course, "Anti-Everything" might be stuck in everyone's heads these days, but the crowd was on their feet from the start, as they raged through tracks like "Architect," "Disassociate," "Dead to Me" and "FMFY," ending with the aforementioned "Anti-Everything."

new years day

Of course, it's only fitting to add a female-fronted act to this bill, but New Year's Day might just be the best choice imaginable. Ashley Costello mixes her signature sound with her black-and-red style that one could easily see mimicked throughout the crowd. Her clear vocals are the perfect example of why the Palace is conisistently applauded for its powerful acoustics. Playing "Left Inside," "Defame Me" and a heavenly cover of Pantera's "F*cking Hostile," ultimately, the crowd chanted right along with "Kill or Be Killed," making it a highlight of the stunning performance.


Ahhhh... P.O.D.! It's amazing that, after a hiatus, you could still hear the crowd joining in unison to sing almost every word of their most popular rock anthems. At one moment, lead vocailist Sonny Sandoval noted that it has been 26 years since "Southtown" first blasted across the airwaves. And yet, does it still feel like yesterday? It is also obvious that P.O.D. has also won over the younger generation, because people who weren't even born yet when these albums were released were on their feet throughout the entire set, including fan favorites like "Boom," "Rock the Party," "Alive" and "Youth of the Nation."

in this moment

And finally, a hush falls across the otherwise-loud crowd, as the lights dim and they prepare to witness the theatrical brilliance of In This Moment. It is highly debatable that Maria Brink has one of the best female voices in metal music today, and she isn't afraid to show off her chops. With a state-of-the-art background screen and a multitude of costume changes, ITM brings to the stage something quite unique - this isn't just a performance, this is the definition of the word "show."

Like Ded, In This Moment appeared in Louisville at 2017's Louder Than Life, so this city has gotten a recent taste of what the band brings to the stage. However, with the success of the most recent album, Ritual, it's easy to see why the setlist is filled with a plethora of those tracks, including "River of Fire," "Roots," "Oh Lord," "Lay Your Gun Down" and the goosebump-inducing cover of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight." Of course, In This Moment doesn't forsake their fans who have followed them since the start, throwing in favorites like "Adrenalize," "Sick Like Me," Blood" and "Big Bad Wolf."


If this is any indication of what Louisville can expect on its concert calendar for 2018, it's going to be an unforgettable year.