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Waverly Hills Sanitarium

waverly hills sanitarium

By Angela Ash


Nestled within the south side of Louisville, Kentucky… rising from the hills like a majestic old castle, rests Waverly Hills Hospital. However, the spirits still within this abandoned sanitarium are anything but “restful”.

waverly hills sanitarium 2

In the 1900’s, Louisville had absolutely the highest rate of tuberculosis in the entire United States. This left the growing city with inadequate care and housing for these patients. Thus, Waverly Hills Hospital sprang from death in 1926. Anyone who wanted even a slight chance of surviving this disease was sent here. Sadly, however, the greatest portion of these hopeful patients was merely sent here to live out the rest of their days in an attempt to not infect those around them. Tens of thousands died here. In fact, it is estimated that, in the rage of the epidemic, one patient per hour looked one last time at the ceiling of Waverly Hills before drawing his last breath. Due to the vast number of dead exiting the hospital on a continuous basis, a “body chute” was constructed, running from the top of the hill to the railroad tracks below. This was… and still is quite a chilling site to behold.

waverly hills sanitarium 3

Obviously no longer in use today, this building seems to house not only the spirits of those who once walked its halls, but some of the most fantastic tales told of visions and sightings from the Other Side.

waverly hills sanitarium 4

Look closely into the window panes. Are you sure that someone… or something… is not looking out?

waverly hills sanitarium 5