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Destination Diaries

The Imagination Movers

By: Angela Ash


The Imagination Movers...  I don't even know where to begin.  This has GOT to be the absolute best live children's show that I have ever witnessed.  Referring to it as "entertaining" does not even start to scratch the surface.

Perhaps you have caught their show on Disney Junior (if you haven't, you soooo should), where song, dance, and "idea emergencies" will make your children think, learn, and jump all over the sofa.


The concept behind the Imagination Movers live show is fantastic.  This is like a rock concert for kids, with plenty of excerpts from the tv show, and educational references aplenty.  Scott, Rich, Dave, and Smitty are joined by their pals Kyle and Jason, and seriously put on a performance, even keeping the adults involved with their frequent nods to classic rock and a cover or so of what's current.


During the show, these guys are all over the place, singing or playing their instruments in the crowd... and even coming in for the much anticipated high five.  Our junior journalist, Kendyl Rae, was about to totally lose it.  It was like watching the live videos of the Beatles.  You know... you've seen them.  The ones where the girls are jumping, screaming, and in tears?  Yes... those would be the ones.


The Movers don't stop with a top notch musical performance.  Expect plenty of bells and whistles.  A giant robot accompanies them on stage, and yes... there will be confetti.


Now, pay close attention.  This is the best part.  For an additional fee, you may upgrade your tickets to include the "Mini Movers" package.  This will include the following for each ticket:  a seat in the first ten rows,  a VIP laminate, a poster, and access to the "Think Tank".

moverk moverplay

This is the basically the exclusive "after show party".  There are games for the kids to play, even a special section with musical instruments, where they were even joined from time to time by a Mover.  Really... how cool is that?


Oh, and did I mention the private jam session?  Yes, it's true.  The Movers perform a few songs... up close and personal.  The kids even get a chance to yell into the microphone a time or two, while the guys roam around the room, singing, playing, and creating a memory that will last a lifetime.  The kids even like it a little bit, too.

moverdave moverautographs

And then... comes the meet and greet!  Everyone can line up for a group photo with the Imagination Movers.  After the pictures are taken, the Movers even mill about the room a bit, signing posters and taking individual pictures.  This isn't where it ends.  These guys are genuinely interested in the kids.  They stop to talk with them, and engage in conversation with the grown ups.  The thing I overheard from them over and over was "Thank you SO much for coming". They are real, honest-to-goodness nice people, who are very grateful to be where they are today. The children were instantly at ease with them.  Kendyl Rae, who is still easing into her tiny journalist's shoes, is often a bit intimidated by, as she so aptly puts it, "people on my tv". However, she walked straight up to Mover Rich before her photo opportunity and said "Hold me, dude!"  She also proceeded to inform him that "her Mamal thinks he's cute".  I think she has the hang of things now.


Again to sum things up with the words of Kendyl Rae:  "This was the best day EVER!"  Sigh... I am SO happy she enjoyed it just as much as I did.  Now, if only I can swipe her new "Rock-O-Matic" cd...